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Sen. Marsha Blackburn On Impeachment, Privacy, And Regulating Big Tech

On this week’s episode of ‘The Fray’ on SiriusXM, Emily Jashinsky interviews Senator Marsha Blackburn on data privacy, country music, and more.


Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee joins Emily Jashinsky on Sunday’s episode of “The Fray” on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125. Blackburn discusses her concerns with data privacy, her proposals for regulating sites like Facebook, and protecting our information online.

“Who does own your information online? Is it you? Is it the service?” Blackburn said are some of the questions her committee is asking. “We’re going to be watching very closely…we are looking at privacy, data security, prioritization and censorship, competition and anti-trust.”

Blackburn also tells listeners about her current favorite country music artists.

Listen to the full two-hour episode on the SiriusXM app. In the second hour, they discussed the latest insanity taking place on college campuses with Spencer Brown of Young Americans Foundation.

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