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Why Do Pro-Life Leaders Demand Sanitizing Instead Of Ending Mass Murder?

abortion pro-life activists outside Supreme Court

Imagine a world where bold men and women react to former abortionist Ulrich Klopfer keeping thousands of corpses in his house by bringing that horror to bear on the Indiana legislature and the Supreme Court for sanctioning the murders.

These men and women demand the establishment of equal justice and protection for all. They speak prophetically to a wicked and perverse generation that legalizes and regulates the exploits of serial killers. They call for the total and immediate abolition of prenatal murder.

But alas, the world in which we live bears no semblance. We live in a world where pro-life politicians and lobbyists express outrage at a serial killer for his regulatory violations.

Pro-Life Leaders’ Message Was Embarrassing

For instance, Americans United for Life Chief Legal Officer Steven Aden said, “Klopfer’s actions undoubtedly violated Indiana medical waste laws, but he didn’t care. Nor did he care that thousands of his patients did not give consent to allowing him to take the bodies of their deceased infants across state lines for an unknown reason. Was it for the purpose of personal, bizarre experimentation? Something else? He was effectively running an unlicensed cemetery.”

Or note the concerns of pro-life Indiana State Rep. Ron Bacon, who said, “We would like for an investigation done with the three counties involved to ensure that no fetal remains are being stored there and if Indiana fetal remains were illegally transported across state lines.”

Indiana Right to Life President Mike Fichter echoed the same, saying, “These sickening reports underscore why the abortion industry must be held to the highest scrutiny. We are calling on Indiana authorities to join in the investigation to determine if these fetal remains have any connection to abortion operations, or personnel, in Indiana.”

“This tragic case shows why abortion providers must be held to strict guidelines and face rigorous oversight,” said pro-life Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Ind. “I will be looking into federal legislation to ensure the remains of aborted babies are always treated with dignity, including the remains of chemical abortions.”

White House spokesman Judd Deere’s comments were chilling: “Murdering thousands of innocent babies is one thing, but preserving and hoarding their bodies like trophies is a new level of sickness. … A full investigation is needed to determine whether crimes were committed and if anyone else was involved.”

“Murdering thousands of innocent babies is one thing,” says the pro-life leader. I will not forget that line as long as I live.

Hygienic Disposal of Mass Murder Victims, Please

“Strict guidelines,” “rigorous oversight,” and “high scrutiny” for the Ulrich Klopfers of the world that they might dispose of their murder victims more hygienically and without crossing state lines is the pathetic cry of these pro-life leaders.

If they accomplish their objectives, these lobbyists and politicians will have accomplished nothing but sanitize and further legitimize abortion. Pro-choicers know this. It’s why rabidly pro-abortion Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul is also investigating. He knows that pursuing this investigation and demonizing the deceased Klopfer distances the abortion industry from an enormous public relations liability.

Rather than sanitizing abortion, we must put it on trial before the public, engendering abhorrence for abortion itself, not for regulatory violations. The regulatory regime that is the pro-life legal strategy does not enable the movement to bring about the abolition of abortion. Regulating rather than abolishing abortion is the doom of the United States’ nearly 1 million annual abortion victims.

Many pro-life politicians and lobbyists have played directly into the abortion lobby’s hands. By regulating rather than abolishing, they’ve conceded that Roe v. Wade is a legitimate court opinion and, worse, that abortion is health care. If something is mass murder, you abolish it, and you don’t concern yourself with any opinions that you should allow it. But if it’s health care, regulate away.

The pro-life lobbyist and politician will respond by holding up a piece of paper showing a slight decline in abortion rates, to which abolitionists (those who demand the total and immediate abolition of the evil of the age) will respond, “Praise God for every life saved because of a regulatory sanitation of murder. But you see those 900,000 there who were murdered? They could’ve been saved if the multimillion-dollar pro-life industry would’ve stood against the Supreme Court rather than obsequiously obeying their every opinion that child sacrifice should be legal.”

Too Many Pro-Lifers Worship the Supreme Court as a God

The pro-life politician or lobbyist will object to the labeling of their bills as the regulatory sanitation of murder, but that’s what they are. C.R. Cali’s recently published book, “The Doctrine of Balaam,” explained it well:

Regulating abortions gives more than tacit permission; it definitionally governs, directs, and controls the killing of preborn children through rule and law. Rather than engendering an attitude of abhorrence for this slaughter, regulations legitimize the practice by dictating where, when, and how it is acceptable.

The pro-life-pro-choice paradigm does nothing but cement legal abortion’s status as health care and the Supreme Court’s status as our functional god. Too harsh, you say? “We could no sooner ignore SCOTUS than the force of gravity,” Texas Alliance for Life President Joe Pojman said in April to the Houston Chronicle, explaining his pro-life organization’s opposition to the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act.

Unconditional submission to a legal-political institution akin to our acquiescence to a law of nature is nothing short of idolatry. Never mind that this submission entails obeying an order to allow serial killers to operate with impunity so long as they and those bringing their victims jump through a few pro-life hoops, and never mind that just about every state is disregarding a federal law, regulation, or court opinion on one or more other issues.

Among pro-life leaders, Pojman is the rule, not the exception. Bills to immediately abolish abortion and disregard Roe as the evil, unconstitutional, nonbinding opinion that it is have been introduced in six states. The primary opposition in four of those states (Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, and Idaho) has been pro-life Republicans, National Right to Life lobbyists, and Southern Baptist-affiliated conventions.

Why does the pro-life establishment get away with treating abortion like health care and the Supreme Court like a god? Because they’ve handed the reins of the movement to worldly pragmatists. The biblical term for such individuals is “fools.” Professing themselves to be wise, they regulate murder and oppose its abolition, telling their donors and supporters regulation is the best they can do and that the Supreme Court is due unconditional submission up to and including obedience to their orders to allow mass murder.

“This is the best way to fight abortion,” they say. “We have to be as wise as serpents.” As if Matthew 10:16 is commanding Supreme Court idolatry and the sanitation of murder.

Stop Playing Regulatory Games

Consider the statement of Abolish Abortion Indiana President Derin Stidd contrasted with the pro-life leaders at this article’s outset.

These people make their living by murdering babies by the thousands. They see the arms and the legs that they are ripping off of these little children every single day. They see the little faces staring up at them from the heads that they just tore off of the bodies of little innocent babies every single day. So, it’s hard for me to imagine how we could possibly be surprised when we hear of the other sort of evil things they are doing.

This man murdered thousands of little babies, and hardly anyone cares, but he takes their remains home, and now all of a sudden it’s a big deal. Why? Of course, the fact that he had the remains of over 2,000 dead babies in his home is disturbing, but it’s disturbing because he’s the one that killed those babies, to begin with. What’s even more disturbing than that is that virtually no one is disturbed that Klopfer killed the babies, only that he took their remains home. I find that to be disturbing.

Canadian activist Laura Klassen reacted along the same lines: “All this outrage over babies in jars … is amazing to me. We shouldn’t find it shocking that an abortionist kept over 2K dead babies as souvenirs. … [I]t should shock that this guy killed over 2K babies. Legally.”

This is the appropriate reaction to the remains of Klopfer’s thousands of victims. Not a call for stricter enforcement of laws against taking corpses across state lines. Nothing coming from a foundation of compromise and defeatism. No call for regulation that could’ve come from an abortion supporter as easily as from a pro-lifer. Just a simple expression of abhorrence for abortion and a demand for its abolition.

Stop playing regulatory games. And that is what’s going on. It’s a game. Pro-life lobbyists and politicians benefit immensely from regulating abortion and pretending it’s all they can do. Cease to be a part of it and demand abortion’s total and immediate abolition and Roe’s nullification. When more people demand abolition than the number of people who demand murder be more heavily regulated, abortion will be abolished — and not before.

Praise God, that day is coming near.