James Silberman
James Silberman

James Silberman is the communications director for Free the States, an abolitionist lobbying organization working to reform the Christian response to abortion, supporting bills of total and immediate abolition. James is also a host on The Liberator Podcast, where he discusses the principles and applications of immediate abolitionism as opposed to pro-life incrementalism.

How Abortion Abolition Became Southern Baptists’ Official Stance

One decade after being sent into exile by an SBC church, last week abortion abolitionism became the official position of the largest Protestant denomination in the United States.

The United Kingdom Forced Northern Ireland To Legalize Abortion, And The Irish Are Fighting Back

A growing chorus is standing up to resist the pro-abortion agenda the United Kingdom seeks to force upon the people of Northern Ireland.

10 Best Lines From Kanye West’s New Album ‘Jesus Is King’

Kanye West’s profession of faith is no joke or ploy for attention. The album isn’t for show. It’s a mission with deadly serious stakes: the eternal soul.

Why Do Pro-Life Leaders Demand Sanitizing Instead Of Ending Mass Murder?

When pro-life leaders get more upset over an abortionist keeping aborted corpses in his home than they do over the murder of innocent babies, they legitimize abortion — and show themselves to be cowards.

Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Shifts Stance, Calls Abortion ‘Shameful And Demonic’

After defending abortion on ‘The View’ a little more than a year ago, Lentz comes out on the right side, condemning killing babies in no uncertain terms.

Meet The Abortion ‘Abolitionist’ Running For Oklahoma Governor

Oklahoma candidate Dan Fisher: ‘I served in the legislature and discovered that for people in government…they’re not going to pay any political price to see abortion come to an end.’

Writer Andy Kopsa Is Right: ‘Partial-Birth Abortion’ Is A Terribly Misleading Phrase

Partial-birth abortion is an inaccurate euphemism that hides the truth about a gut-wrenching incident.

Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Provides Moral Cover For Abortion On ‘The View’

It’s a tragedy that a pastor of more than 7,000 Christians would join the ranks of those blurring the moral lines about killing preborn babies.

Planned Parenthood: A Safe, Judgment-Free Place For Underage Sex Traffickers

If we are to believe Planned Parenthood exists to promote women’s well-being, we would expect them to rush to defend those being trafficked. In fact, they rush to help cover the trafficking.

Planned Parenthood’s Founder Is The Original Alt-Right Supremacist

To combat the alt-right, we must acknowledge its ideological roots: the early eugenics movement and its most prominent advocate—Margaret Sanger.

Why All Libertarians Should Be Pro-Life

Abortion undermines the very principle of inalienable rights, which should scare all lovers of liberty.

Do Lives Have Value Only If We Say So?

Abortion supporters have moved the goalposts in a shocking way. They continue to kill even as they acknowledge the humanity of their victims.