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Planned Parenthood: A Safe, Judgment-Free Place For Underage Sex Traffickers


Earlier this year, Live Action published new developments from their 2011 investigation of Planned Parenthood’s involvement in underage sex trafficking. During the original investigation, eight Planned Parenthood staffers and directors at seven clinics around the country were caught on camera teaching undercover investigators posing as pimps and prostitutes how to traffic underage sex slaves through the health-care system without being caught.

The follow-up investigation revealed that Planned Parenthood consistently failed to report incidents of possible sex abuse and trained directors how to spot undercover journalists rather than how to spot sex traffickers following the original investigation.

First, let’s review the 2011 findings.

Richmond, Virginia

After the pimp informs a Planned Parenthood staffer that he runs a prostitution ring, the staffer ensures him that Planned Parenthood is the right place for him to be.

“We see people from every walk of life. So for a while we were treating all the girls at Paper Moon (strip club) and various places around town, so no judgement. No sharing of information.”

The pimp reveals more: “Now the more complicated part of it though is some of the girls, they’re around like 14, 15, and some of the girls are from out of state and out of country.”

At this point, Planned Parenthood’s employee begins coaching the man on the process of getting his sex slaves through the legal and medical systems without being caught.

“We can give them the same information, the only thing that requires a legal guardian is abortion. I mean, you can get birth control, testing, like anything without a parent. The only thing that requires [someone] over 18, if they’re a minor, is an abortion. But there’s also ways, like judicial bypass, that we can get around that if you guys ever need.”

No concern is shown at any point for the girls’ well-being. Only for the successful smuggling of them through the abortion clinic without being caught.

Bronx, New York

As in Richmond, the pimp tells Planned Parenthood’s staffer that he is a trafficker of girls as young as 14. He is then informed of Planned Parenthood’s policy of silence.

“Like I said, everything is confidential,” the Planned Parenthood employee said. “They don’t have to tell anybody what it is that they do when they’re making the appointment.”

The undercover prostitute who came with the pimp later interjects: “You wouldn’t need to know if they work at night or what they do or whatever?” she asked. “They do the sex work at night.”

“None of that,” the staffer responds. “We don’t need to know anything. Everything is totally confidential.”

These are just two of the seven videos, all of which are equally horrifying. The rest can be found here.

As for Planned Parenthood’s Response

Following the release of the 2011 videos, Planned Parenthood executives told public officials and the media they would train all employees how to spot traffickers and trafficking victims and submit all appropriate reports of possible sex abuse.

In the follow-up, Live Action revealed that Planned Parenthood failed on both counts. Through public records requests under the Freedom of Information Act, Live Action discovered that of the five states and Washington DC where the incidents occurred, only Arizona had record of sex abuse reports from Planned Parenthood.

Even more damning, former Planned Parenthood director Ramona Travino told investigators that instead of training employees how to spot trafficking victims and traffickers, Planned Parenthood trained them how to spot undercover investigators.

When we were called into this meeting, I went in really believing that Planned Parenthood could redeem themselves. They’re going to prove that they really do care about women and this is something that really concerns them.

I walk into the room, its dark, we sign in. There’s a projector screen pulled down and they begin to play all the previous undercover investigations that had been put out about Planned Parenthood. I became very perplexed. I thought ‘What’s going on here? Are we showing these things because they’re trying to show us what not to do? The things that are wrong, that we don’t do these things.’

So I raised my hand and said, ‘I’m confused. When are we going to actually begin the retraining? What can I do as a manager to take this information back to my staff and enforce policies and procedures that would help protect women who are experiencing either sex trafficking or abuse, sexual abuse in any way.’ Because that’s a difficult subject to talk about if you ever have a patient who comes in and expresses that.

I really wanted to know how we dealt with that and she immediately shot me down. She said ‘We’re not here to talk about that, Ramona. We are here to teach you how to identify if you’re being video-taped or recorded or entrapped in any way.’

At that moment, my heart sunk. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I couldn’t believe that we were actually there to train on how to identify if we’re being recorded. Again, it goes back to ‘do we have something to hide? Why is this an issue for us?’

That experience left me so disgusted that I couldn’t see how Planned Parenthood could ever redeem themselves after that.

Planned Parenthood Profits By Exploiting the Vulnerable

Being exposed as abettors of sex traffickers says something about Planned Parenthood as an organization, as does their response. If we are to believe Planned Parenthood exists to promote women’s well-being, we would expect them to rush to defend those being trafficked.

On the other hand, if Planned Parenthood exists to make profit by killing babies, it makes perfect sense that they would continue turning a blind eye to traffickers. Sex-trafficking victims are repeat customers. They will likely need multiple abortions throughout their enslavement, meaning thousands of dollars in profit for Planned Parenthood.

In a rare moment of lucidity, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo once said that we are at our most honest when we don’t think we’re being recorded. Never is this truer than when dealing with the abortion industry. Behind the pro-women marketing is an organization that makes billions of dollars killing human beings. Those who kill for a living care nothing about the well-being of women because they care nothing for humanity.

It should not surprise anyone that Planned Parenthood is willing to participate in smuggling underage sex slaves and refuse to alter protocol even after being exposed. Debauchery breeds debauchery. Virtue cannot exist among violent killers.