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8 Questions About Abortion Democrats Need To Be Asked At The Next Debate

2020 Democratic Debate needs abortion questions

It’s a strange day when Students for Life of America and NARAL Pro-Choice America agree, but in fact, we did. We were both disappointed to see, once again, a lack of questions about abortion during the last Democratic presidential primary debate.

With the news that police found thousands of aborted babies at the home of Pete Buttigieg’s favorite abortionist and with the ongoing trial of citizen journalist David Daleiden for exposing corruption in the fetal body parts business, a trial that began at the request of the abortion industry and its friend then-Attorney General Kamala Harris, we saw a need to circulate questions to ask at the next debate, since the media seems to have trouble writing its own after three rounds.

To All the Candidates

Only 7 percent of millennials agree with the position of the Democratic Party, which is the same, if not less pro-abortion, than the stance of everyone on this stage. Why should millennials vote for you when you don’t represent their views on abortion?

Bernie Sanders

You say you want Medicare for All, which would force every American citizen to be in one health insurance program. Why does that include funding for abortion, which is not health care? What protections will you put in place to ensure we don’t face a similar Alfie Evans or Charlie Gard situation, where the national medical system decides who is worthy to live and who is worthy to die?

You frequently blast insurance companies and the medical industry for their role in our health care system. Will you pledge not to allow Planned Parenthood, NARAL, or any other abortion corporation or lobbying group, any role in writing your health care plan? Can you promise they had no role in writing your current health care plan?

Pete Buttigieg

You were a full-throated cheerleader for Ulrich “George” Klopfer, a now-deceased South Bend, Indiana, abortionist who kept more than 2,000 aborted babies on his property in Illinois. You also opposed the fetal burial law signed by then-Gov. Mike Pence, a law that would have prevented this atrocity. Do you favor any sort of law or regulation to ensure that aborted babies aren’t kept as trinkets in an abortionist’s home?

Kamala Harris

You conducted possibly illegal searches on pro-life citizen journalists, including David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. As president, would you use the FBI and other federal law enforcement branches to harass people practicing their First Amendment rights?

Cory Booker

You’ve made criminal justice reform a central part of your campaign and said people who commit nonviolent crimes should not go to prison. Will you condemn the use of the judicial system, such as in California, to try to imprison people who use their First Amendment rights to expose corruption at Planned Parenthood?

Filming someone while eating dinner or having a drink with them at a conference seems like one of the most nonviolent of crimes, rivaled only by hugging a teddy bear on a soft pillow made of marshmallows (the marshmallows contain too much sugar, so they’re illegal in California, probably — that’s the crime).

Joe Biden

Wake up, Joe! For years you’ve played one of the greatest shell games ever known on Catholic voters, trying to convince them it is A-OK to support taxpayer-funding of Planned Parenthood and abortion because you’re personally pro-life or some other wild Mario Cuomo-esque line. Now you said you want to repeal the Hyde Amendment because you actually do want taxpayers to pay for abortions directly. Why should anyone believe anything you say?

Marianne Williamson

There’s an opening for a pro-life candidate, considering that at least 33 percent of Democrats consider themselves pro-life. If the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars and the chakras align, will you consider saying that preborn babies deserve peace in the womb and shouldn’t be killed through heart-attack abortions?

The next Democratic debate is coming up soon, and it would be a great opportunity to push the candidates on their views on abortion. Even NARAL might be able to get on board with these abortion-related questions.