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Dems’ Transgender, Sexual Assault Policies Wage War On Both Sexes

Democrats faux euality, transgender in sports ad

A new ad supporting Republican Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, who is in a tight race with his Democratic opponent Andy Beshear, shows female track athletes being left in the dust by a male competitor who identifies as female. The looks on the faces of the girls watching the male athlete celebrating are unforgettable.

“Andy Beshear supports legislation that would destroy girls’ sports. He calls it ‘equality.’ Maybe. But is it fair?” asks the ad’s female narrator.

It’s a smart ad in a heated campaign. Many Republicans are watching this race as a bellwether contest, which makes sense as this ad highlights a policy that could hurt Democrats in Congress and those running for president.

To see how this issue could affect races around the country, a good place to start is the “Equality Act,” which now has 240 co-sponsors in the Democratic Party-controlled House of Representatives and is backed by all of the leading Democratic presidential candidates.

The Equality Act isn’t about equality. It is about forcefully mandating inequality. This legislation would force women’s sports teams and even women’s shelters to let in biological males who identify as females. It is difficult to quantify how this could affect women in shelters or even in prisons, but in sports, its inherent problems inherent are already on public display.

Transgender Athletes Are Harming Women in Sports

Take a look at how former mixed martial arts fighter and transgender athlete Fallon Fox manhandled the much more skilled but female Ashlee Evans-Smith in the first round of their 2013 fight, which has become such a focal point for this issue that is has more than 1 million views on YouTube. Incredibly, Evans-Smith won the fight after clearly overcoming her biological strength disadvantage.

For context, also take a look at the other women Fox, a biological male and father, destroyed in the cage. Fox broke one woman’s skull.

“I’ve trained with women world champions and watched them get mauled by men who are not very good,” said Joe Rogan, who has made this issue a big part of his popular podcast.

This isn’t just happening in the combat sports. In sports from track and field to weightlifting, transgender athletes who identify as female have been setting records and taking wins away from biological females. This can cost female athletes college scholarships and more.

Republicans are wise to notice the unfairness of this anti-woman Democratic Party policy. Yet it is just one example from a party that is also alienating men by ironically insisting manliness is toxic — except when it invades women’s sports and shelters.

State-Mandated Sexual Harassment Training

Democrats’ identity-politics conundrums are showing up wherever Democrats are in charge. For example, in New York state, it is now mandatory for employees to take annual state-approved workplace harassment training. As a New York state resident, I just completed my state-mandated training. Now, perhaps as the author of “The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide to the Workplace,” my radar for this sort of thing is on full alert, but anyone should find this outrageous.

Right after a slide declaring that some men today might avoid working alone with a woman — this is now known as the “Mike Pence Rule” — the training proclaims: “Men: Do not avoid working with women because you’re afraid of sexual harassment complaints. That is gender discrimination. To avoid sexual harassment complaints, do not sexually harass people.”

Gee, that was so helpful. Do the politicians running the state of New York not understand, even theoretically, that there are some false complaints or might be two sides to any story? Apparently not, as nowhere in the 45-minute training did it mention what men or women can do to seek some form of due process if they think they are being falsely accused or railroaded.

Men Need To Protect Themselves in This Political Climate

Given this climate, Vice President Pence’s rule — “Never have dinner alone with a woman other than your wife” — is unfortunately a rational reaction. There is a war on men, or at least on manliness, which the Democratic Party and many in the media are pushing. It would be irrational for men not to take steps to protect themselves in this post-Kavanaugh-hearing reality.

In fact, as I interviewed CEOs, heads of human resources departments, and more for my book, I kept hearing horror stories of real and false complaints. I also spoke with many managers — men and women — who are doing all they can to mitigate this dilemma by making sure they’re including men and women equally in office and after-hours, business-related social events.

Many of the female managers I interviewed also made a point of saying they don’t want the careers of their sons, husbands, and fathers destroyed unfairly, making it clear they are aware of the political ramifications of these Democratic Party positions.