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Buttigieg Hopes Discovery Of 2,246 Aborted Fetal Remains ‘Doesn’t Get Caught Up In Politics’

Pete Buttigieg talks about George Klopfer case

It is hard for Pete Buttigieg to spin thousands of preserved dead baby body parts as ‘women’s health care’ when your his is swarming with state and federal officials investigating how the fetal remains got there.


Nearly one week after Illinois officials seized the preserved remains of more than 2,000 aborted babies from the home of now-deceased abortionist Ulrich “George” Klopfer, South Bend, Indiana Mayor and presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg finally commented on the discovery.

“Like everyone, I find that news out of Illinois extremely disturbing, and I think it’s important that it be fully investigated,” Buttigieg said, before adding, “I also hope that it doesn’t get caught up in politics at a time when women need access to health care.”

Of course, Buttigieg hopes it “doesn’t get caught up in politics,” because he would be the one ensnared. After all, South Bend was the home of one of Klopfer’s three Indiana abortion facilities, the Women’s Pavilion, which Klopfer operated for some 40 years before losing his license to practice medicine. This places the horror of the discovery close to Buttigieg’s home.

Then there’s Buttigieg’s support for opening a new unlicensed abortion facility, Whole Woman’s Health, in this Midwestern town best known for hosting the University of Notre Dame. And Buttigieg didn’t merely champion Whole Women’s Health’s arrival, he also vetoed a city council rezoning decision in order to prevent a pregnancy and family resource center from opening next door to the abortion facility.

No wonder Buttigieg kept quiet for so long — so long, in fact, that it provoked a rebuke by longtime Common Council member and pro-choice Democrat Oliver Davis. In a press release calling for an investigation, Davis also “called upon our Mayor of South Bend, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and other City Leaders, regardless of political party to join the call to demand a thorough investigation into the Indiana abortion facilities operated by Ulrich ‘George’ Klopfer.”

While Buttigieg now says he supports a “full investigation,” his initial silence and couching of his statement with concerns of women’s “access to health care,” speaks volumes about his sincerity: The only thing Buttigieg is sincerely concerned about is whether the fallout will damage his political fortunes.

It is impossible to predict the effects of this discovery on Buttigieg’s campaign. Much will depend on what more we learn and how quickly. On Thursday at 1:30 p.m., the first wave of additional details will break when the Will County, Illinois Sheriff’s Department holds a press conference.

Given that officials were so precise in their initial statements, specifying that 2,246 fetal remains were recovered, it is likely they will have many more horrifying details to share. If any of those connect back to Klopfer’s South Bend facility, the investigation will keep the spotlight on Buttigieg and his extreme views on abortion.

Not that Buttigieg’s abortion-until-the-baby-breathes position differs from that of nearly every other Democratic presidential candidate, or the party’s platform. But it is hard to spin thousands of preserved dead baby body parts as “women’s health care” when your city is swarming with state and federal officials. With each fresh revelation, Buttigieg will face new questions that highlight how extreme he and the national Democratic Party are on abortion.

That is, if the mainstream media bothers to pursue the story, unlike the similar Kermit Gosnell case, which they uniformly ignored.