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New Poll: Elizabeth Warren In Second Place, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders Tied

According to the latest Democratic presidential primary polls, Elizabeth Warren is now second to Joe Biden, while Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders are tied.


According to the latest NBC/WSJ poll of Democratic voters, in the Democratic presidential primary race, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is now polling in second just behind Joe Biden. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders have entered a tie.

The latest NBC/WSJ has the candidates polling at the following numbers:

  1. Joe Biden – 26 percent
  2. Elizabeth Warren – 19 percent
  3. Kamala Harris – 13 percent
  4. Bernie Sanders – 13 percent
  5. Pete Buttigieg – 7 percent
  6. Beto O’Rourke – 2 percent
  7. Andrew Yang – 2 percent

This poll indicates that while Biden still remains the front runner, Warren and Harris are growing in popularity.

The most notable fall in this poll was Sanders. Just one month ago, he was polling at nearly 17 percent. After the first round of Democratic debates on June 27, his numbers have been falling.

One of the most interesting elements of the NBC/WSJ poll was the results yielded when Democrats identified as those who wanted “small-scale change” or “large-scale change.”

Fifty-four percent of Democrats identify as those who want “large-scale change.” This was defined as any candidate who is proposing large-scale policy that may cost more and be harder to pass, but would ultimately result in large change. Among those 54 percent, the winner was Warren.

  1. Elizabeth Warren – 29 percent
  2. Bernie Sanders – 18 percent
  3. Joe Biden – 16 percent
  4. Kamala Harris – 14 percent

Meanwhile, 41 percent of Democratic voters identify as those who want “small-scale change.” These voters are interested in finding a nominee who will create policies that cost less and are easy to pass, but inevitably lead to less change compared to “large-scale change.”

Of those 41 percent, the winner was Joe Biden. However, it’s also important to note that Buttigieg joins the polling among “small-scale change” voters. He did not make the cut among “large-scale change” voters.

  1. Joe Biden – 35 percent
  2. Kamala Harris – 14 percent
  3. Pete Buttigieg – 8 percent 
  4. Elizabeth Warren – 8 percent
  5. Bernie Sanders – 7 percent

These polls indicate the divide within the Democratic Party to either pursue a large-scale “Democratic socialist” agenda or to pursue a more-moderate, but still radical, agenda.

The 54 percent of large-scale change voters compared to the 41 percent of small-scale change voters might prompt wonder about how Biden is still the front runner. It’s because Democrats who believe beating Trump is more important than voting on the issues tend to support Biden.

Finally, there is data to support what many have been speculating for months now. Biden is not in the race because of his popularity or his ideas, he’s in the race because he’s seen as the best candidate to take on Donald Trump in 2020.