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Left Accidentally Stampedes To Doxx Woman Raising Funds To Help Illegal Border Crossers

A woman has been wrongfully shamed on Twitter for holding a sign referencing the death of an El Salvadorian family. The picture was taken out-of-context.


One woman generated a lot of controversy when a picture of her holding a sign referencing border deaths was misinterpreted by the Twitter mob.

People have been calling for this woman to be doxxed, assuming her smile in the picture equals an endorsement for Trump immigration policies. Doxxing means revealing her identity, employment, location, and family to unleash internet-fueled personal harassment and threats. It is becoming a common leftist tactic to silence their political opposition.

The sign references a father and daughter who drowned while crossing the Rio Grande at the southern border. If the U.S. border had been secure, the father would have been far less likely to attempt the dangerous crossing. The release of the photo of the drowned family has sparked outrage and national interest in the border crisis precipitated by millions of people exploiting U.S. laws to gain illegal entry to the country and expected later amnesty.

A journalist at MintPress News interviewed the woman holding the sign to better understand her point of view on immigration. In the video, she tells the story of the El Salvadorian father and daughter who drowned at the border. “It makes me really sad,” she said.

Never once does this woman endorse Trump or his immigration platform. In fact, in the brief interview with Alex Rubinstein, she talks about how she’s clearly upset about the crisis on the southern border and how immigrants have made America great.

Leave it to the losers of Twitter to throw an absolute tantrum about this woman and her sign though.

The woman in the above photo has created fundraisers and driven more than 4,000 miles to deliver two truckloads of goods to some of the millions of people taking advantage of Congress’s refusal to secure the nation’s border. Yet she’s being demonized by people who are most likely in her own political party.

While some accounts have apologized for wrongly attacking this woman, the outrage culture and spread of misinformation has garnered a much larger audience than any of their apologies will.