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Problematic Women: Bre Payton’s Mom On Grief, Faith, And Living A Full Life

Listen to a special episode of the ‘Problematic Women’ podcast, a tribute to Federalist Staff Writer Bre Payton with her mother and friends.


Bre Payton, former co-host of the “Problematic Women” podcast, died of a sudden illness in December 2018. After a three-month hiatus, co-host Kelsey Harkness is back with a special tribute to our beloved Bre.

Harkness interviews Bre’s roommates, Kat Nikas and Brianna Herlihy, as well as her mom, Cindy Payton, about grief and finding strength through faith since losing Bre. They share stories of the lives Bre touched, and how she continues to inspire, even after death.

“For those of us who believe and have faith, we will be with [the Lord] again, and I know for Breanna, that was her number one thing,” Cindy said. “She and [her dad] George would have these conversations in the last year, especially in the last year of her life…I thought who at 26 is so heaven-minded? That’s where she wanted to be.”

Cindy also shares memories of Bre, updates on how their family is coping, and how to help others who are grieving.

Listen to the full interview below or subscribe to “Problematic Women” here.