Emily Domenech
Emily Domenech
Emily Domenech

Emily Domenech is a military spouse, step-mother of three, and has served in federal and state government for 10 years. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia, received a master’s degree from the U.S. Naval War College, and writes from Alexandria, Virginia.

Bre Payton’s Life Sure Makes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Look Small In Comparison

One woman built a career off of substance and hard work. The other is more interested in tallying up her victim points than honing her policy chops.

This Year’s CMAs Depicted Country Music At A Crossroads

While we saw classic country performances by Nashville legends, more and more artists took the stage with songs that look, feel, and sound more like pop music.

World’s Best Mother Gives Advice On Motherhood

This Mother’s Day, I’m delighted to share some of my mom’s advice on parenting for all the mothers out there who need it!

While You Weren’t Looking, Bravo’s ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Nailed America’s Virtues

In a world where many pundits are afraid to say anything that might offend someone, Reza Farahan’s strong statement about the superiority of American government is refreshing.

To Improve Our Country, Women Need To Do Way More Than March

While protesting might feel satisfying, it doesn’t accomplish a whole lot unless you’re willing to back it up with a lot of hard work and civic engagement.

When ‘The Real Housewives’ Became A Pro-life Ad

Amid the gripping drama, this week’s episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ offered a bittersweet moment about cast member Meghan King Edmonds’ pregnancy.

Prepare Your Kids For The Next Terrorist Attack

Our enemies are here to stay. We should all prepare ourselves and our families for terrorists.

Robert’s Rules Of Bureaucracy

Former defense secretary Robert Gates writes a how-to manual for dealing with the federal bureaucracy and makes the case that government failures are opportunities for reform.

The Military Isn’t A Low-Wage Option For Stupid People

Active-duty military troops far out-earn their civilian counterparts when compared to civilians with similar education.

5 Ways To Survive Mother’s Day As A Stepmom

A stepmom’s guide to second place on Mother’s Day and every other.

Education Needs More Freedom, Not More Money

Oh, what I could do with the money my local school system spends while complaining they just don’t get enough to offer many extras.