Ben Domenech
Ben Domenech
Ben Domenech, Publisher
Benjamin Domenech is the publisher of The Federalist, host of The Federalist Radio Hour, and writes The Transom, a daily subscription newsletter for political insiders. He was previously a fellow at The Manhattan Institute and a senior fellow at The Heartland Institute; editor in chief of The City, an academic journal on faith and culture; and a speechwriter for HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson and U.S. Senator John Cornyn of Texas. He co-founded Redstate and co-hosted Coffee & Markets, an award-winning economic podcast. His writing has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Beast, Politico, Commentary, Reason, and GQ, and he appears regularly on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and CBS's Face The Nation. He divides his time between Virginia and New York. Email him at [email protected]
Martha McSally is Arizona’s New Senator, But Will She Hold The Seat?

The big question about Martha McSally isn’t her qualifications, it’s her prior failure as a campaigner.

The Bush Approach To The Presidency Will Return

In an era that has embraced unseriousness as a virtue, America needs the leadership of serious people all the more.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Lied Under Oath To Congress. Shouldn’t That Matter?

Jack Dorsey is allowed to lie, and those who push the Trans agenda are allowed to lie, and if you push back with the truth, you eventually find you have no place on Twitter.

Broward County Is An Embarrassment, And The Potential For A Stolen Florida Election Is Real

Every day that we do not have a total tabulation of the ballots in this key county, the more Republican voters will with all good reason begin to believe the election results are being manipulated.

Lessons Of 2018: Trumpism Won, Progressivism Lost

The Resistance who had actively convinced themselves of the wave’s existence, were hampered by the economy, by Kavanaugh, and by a challenging map.

Trump Sends A Birthright Citizenship Trial Balloon

“It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. And it has to end,” Trump said. “It’s in the process. It’ll happen … with an executive order.”

What Does It Mean To Take The Gloves Off?

When the Left is already screaming at people in public and doxxing them and staking out their homes, what does it look like for them to fight harder?

The ‘He Fights’ Mantra Of Trump Supporters Pays Off With Big Wins

This is a radicalizing moment for Republicans who have grown tired of the sad, graceful loser and now prefer rude, offensive victor.

The Warm Blanket Of Anonymity

True servants of the people need not boast. This anonymous author does, so we know he is not.

Better A Naked Public Square Than An Empty One

Bill Maher is one of the last defenders of free speech who understands that banning the crackpots and the “wrongthink” from the public square is inherently bad for us all.

Anthony Kennedy: The Most Important Voter In America

Justice Kennedy’s vote, so often featured in 5-4 decisions, changed the country in fundamental ways. Now Trump will have a court-redefining legacy.

The Migrant Crisis Is About More Than Just Kids

The Mexican cartels uses migrants to flood the zone and distract Border Patrol from their efforts to smuggle opioids and other drugs across.

What Anthony Bourdain Reveals About Living In The Age Of Loneliness

The sharp knife is a tool: it can take a life, destroy in cruel fashion, but it also has the ability to create incredible things.

Why It’s Absurd To Pretend The Enlightenment Is Responsible For Racism

There is nothing new under the sun, just different justifications for similar ideas. The Enlightenment had their own for racism, just as all ages have.

Is Donald Trump The Most Pro-Life President Ever?

The pro-life movement has come to grips with the reality that it does not matter who represents pro-life views from the bully pulpit of the presidency – what matters is what they do.

How Is The Culture War Fought?

Jonah Goldberg’s response is more evidence of the reordering of the coalitional hierarchy of priorities within the American right.

How Paul Ryan Went From Young Gun To Gone

Ryan was the most important Republican in Washington from 2009 to 2016. He now seems like a throwback from a bygone era.

Firing Kevin Williamson Is Just the Beginning

When contrarian voices are elevated to publications once viewed as places where contending ideas shared space, organized online backlash is now inevitable.

We Have Noted Your Absence From The Effort To Get Kevin Williamson Fired

The Atlantic is taking heat from outside critics as well as from within their own newsroom for hiring National Review’s Kevin Williamson.

Cambridge Analytica Is The Juicero Of Political Data Firms

‘This is the real world, not a spy novel. And in the real world, what Cambridge Analytica was promising simply doesn’t work.’