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The Migrant Crisis On The Border Is A ‘Money-Making Machine’

Reporter Jay Root joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss how billions of dollars are being made at the border by cartels, smuggling migrants, and private prisons.



On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, Senior Correspondent John Daniel Davidson interviews investigative journalist Jay Root on his new documentary “Border Hustle,” in which TIME and The Texas Tribune collaborated to track the family separation crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. Davidson and Root dig into the billions of dollars made by private prisons, smuggling migrants, and why the border has dominated the political conversation around immigration.

“An asylum seeker is paying to get through Mexico. Through the gauntlet of law enforcement and thieves…and [smugglers] drop them off at the river bank and they say ‘Go find the first uniformed agent you can find” Root said. “That’s a lot cheaper than, ‘Let’s try to avoid the Border Patrol…and then go to a safe house, stay for a couple of days and get into an 18-Wheeler.”

Watch “Border Hustle” here.

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