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5 Epic Pro-Life Smackdowns That Speak Truth To Abortion Power


The numbers are in, and Ben Shapiro’s October 7 Fox News special beat the combined Philistine forces of CNN, MSNBC, and HLN for total viewers. If this is phase one in Fox’s search for the next Sean Hannity, they can rate it a resounding success.

One highlight from the show that rightly created a buzz was Ben’s scorching five-minute takedown of abortion. With relentlessly unvarnished rhetoric and images of the unborn child extending as far back as eight weeks, Shapiro refuses to cede an inch to the pro-choice lobby. He refuses to use euphemisms, or even to refer to “the unborn” as opposed to “the unborn child,” or “the unborn human.” And he concludes by affirming the plain scientific fact that life begins at conception.

To an outside observer, the fact that Shapiro is doing all this on Fox News may seem thoroughly unremarkable. “Fox News hosts pro-life activist. In other news, the sky is blue.” Yet Fox viewers could feel the shift. It could fairly be argued that Fox has been almost entirely consumed by Donald Trump coverage for the past few years, crowding out serious discussions of the policy issues that serious conservatives actually care about.

There’s a reason Fox’s demographics are skewing older as the years go by, while young conservatives tune into the Ben Shapiro Show instead. But if Shapiro should become the new face of Fox at some date, he may bring America’s most fiercely pro-life generation with him.

As a member of that pro-life generation, since I hear Planned Parenthood is rather upset right now, I am in a celebratory mood. To celebrate, I have prepared a party playlist including five of my favorite epic pro-life smackdowns. Here’s a rundown.

1. Concentration Camp Language

From a debate on Justin Brierley’s Unbelievable show with the odious Adam Rutherford, Peter Hitchens comes out swinging in gloriously outraged fashion. Things really begin to cook around the seven-minute mark, when Rutherford slips from the language of “human” to the language of “person.” Hitchens is having none of it, openly drawing the line of history from the abortion mills to the concentration camps.

“They look like human beings,” he mocks, “but no they’re not, they’re Jews!” He is having none of Rutherford’s euphemisms, either: “Listen to the word ‘fetus.’ ‘It’s a fetus!’ It’s a nice Latin word. It’s dehumanized already. ‘It’s not a baby, it’s a fetus.’ You dehumanize it so you can kill it. That’s what killers always do.” May we all be so emboldened to laugh pro-abortion sophistry to scorn.

2. Gendercide or Genocide?

When did Hugh Jackman become pro-life, and why did nobody tell me? This brilliant satirical monologue from Australian-born, now UK-based pastor Glen Scrivener shines the spotlight on pre-natal screening. For reasons he can’t quite place, he’s feeling rather queasy about sex-selective abortion, as well as the termination of Down Syndrome babies (fetuses, sorry!) with extreme prejudice.

Thankfully, with the help of Shadow Minister for Equality Naz Shah, plus lots and lots of antacids, Glen is finally able to reconcile his heart and his stomach with the good kind of genocide.

3. The Devil At Planned Parenthood

When you need pitch-black humor that will savagely expose the culture of death while making us laugh until it hurts, there is only one man to call, and that man is Andrew Klavan. This piece of satire was dedicated to the 2015 Center for Medical Progress sting that exposed Planned Parenthood’s deep ties to baby organ trafficking.

As a sophisticated, tie-wearing host of “MSM News,” Andrew is here to assure all of us that “These videos have been heavily edited! By heavy, fat editors! Editing heavily!” That awkward footage of the devil literally chasing a talking baby around as it screams “I am a human being! For crying out loud, look at me!” is just proof positive that these videos are completely and utterly fake. “In real life, unborn babies can’t cry for help, or beg for mercy. Adults would have to do that for them. And you won’t see any of that here, because this… is MSM News!”

4. ‘And That, Madam, Is Colonization’

Lest I be accused of filling my playlist with white men, I yield the dance floor to the incomparable Nigerian pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha. Here we see her masterfully eviscerating a question that was asked off-camera, from a Danish woman trying to accuse pro-lifers of “colonizing” African women by possessively trying to control what they do with their bodies.

Oh, honey. Let’s talk about colonization.

5. The Greatest Destroyer of Peace

While we pro-life women are playing our woman cards, let’s end this with a bang by playing the mother of them all: Mother Theresa. I can only imagine what it must have been like to be physically present at that Prayer Breakfast in 1994, watching the president squirm as the small woman whose mouth couldn’t even reach the level of the microphones nonetheless made herself heard with crystal clarity.

She is applauded for nigh on a full minute, but conspicuously not by all. Were I a Catholic, I would ask her to pray for me. As it is, like a good Protestant, I will simply pray that I might follow after her in virtue.

Correction: This article earlier incorrectly attributed the Center for Medical Progress fetal parts investigation to another organization.