Esther O'Reilly
Esther O'Reilly
Esther O'Reilly
Esther O'Reilly is a teacher, freelancer, film and music critic, bookworm, and Ben Sasse fangirl. She holds a double bachelor's in math and philosophy and is currently pursuing a doctorate in an undisclosed Midwestern location. She regularly contributes cultural commentary to The Stream and film commentary to More Than One Lesson. Follow her on Twitter at @EstherOfReilly, or on Patheos at Young Fogey.
New Atheists’ Views Of Murder Prove Jordan Peterson Is Right About Where Atheism Leads

Let us give Steven Pinker and Sam Harris their hearing. Let us follow them into the broad, sunlit uplands of their utopian moral landscape and see what we might find there.

Harvey Is Restoring The Faith Of A Nation Scarred By First Responders Who Abuse Their Power

What do we do when men trained to be sheepdogs, who look and dress like sheepdogs, turn into wolves before our very eyes? What do we say when the sheepdog turns on the sheep?

All-Female ‘Wonder Woman’ Screenings Aren’t Sexist, Just Pointless

I’m not against female-led superhero films. I’m against the implication that I owe ‘Wonder Woman’ a certain quota of praise merely because she is a she.