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The Left Excuses Keith Ellison For Everything They’d Crucify A Republican Over

Senate Democrats refuse to even acknowledge the domestic abuse allegation made against Ellison by his ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan.


Conservatives have been fighting back against what many perceive to be a leftwing smear campaign of Judge Brett Kavanaugh by comparing the allegations leveled against him to the ones made against Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison.

Senate Democrats have practically determined that Kavanaugh is guilty until proven innocent, calling the allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez “credible” despite the fact that neitherhave witnesses who can corroborate their stories from decades ago. Yet they refuse to even acknowledge the domestic abuse allegation made against Ellison by his ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan, which she claims took place only two years ago.

The parallels between Kavanaugh and Ellison are obvious, but what’s most painful for Democrats isn’t just the fact that Ellison is on their team, it’s the fact that the allegation against him is far more credible. Her son claimed on Facebook that he had seen the video of Ellison pulling Monahan off the bed by her feat and verbally assaulting her. Last week, Monahan shared her doctor’s note documenting her allegation against Ellison on Twitter.

Another woman accused him in 2006 of verbally abusing her and shoving her while they were having an affair. Ellison denied having a relationship with that woman, and denies the allegations from Monahan, who has not released the video she claims to have. These accusations obviously outweigh Ford’s 2012 notes from a couples therapy session and her growing listed of named witnesses who can’t even support her claim.

It’s fair to say neither Democrats nor their allies in the media are going to hold Ellison accountable, let alone probe him like they are Kavanaugh. But when you think about it, Ellison has never been held accountable for anything.

Ellison’s history of anti-Semitic remarks were known long before he was elected to Congress. He ranted about Jews being “oppressors” and “slave traders.” He accused Israel of dictating U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and defended the Iranian regime, saying they aren’t “messianic crazy people.”

Speaking of anti-Semitism and crazy people, Ellison was a big supporter of infamous anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, writing favorable pieces about him in the 1990s. While running for Congress, he disavowed Farrakhan, insisting in 2006 his ties to him and his organization Nation of Islam were no longer. But that apparently wasn’t the case, as they were seen at a private dinner together in 2013, which was attended by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Farrakhan even alleged that he met with Ellison in his hotel suite in 2016, the same year Ellison repeatedly asserted that he had no relationship with Farrakhan as he campaigned to become the next Democratic National Committee chair. He flat-out lied about this while being grilled by CNN’s Jake Tapper. If any Republican had such ties to David Duke, his career would be over.

And we can’t forget Ellison’s laundry list of insane rhetoric. He once called for a separate country for black Americans. He defended convicted domestic terrorist Sara Jane Olson and convicted cop killer Assata Shakur. He even praised Fidel Castro for giving Shakur asylum in Cuba. Ellison also gave a glowing endorsement of Antifa, a group deemed by the Department of Homeland Security as a “domestic terrorist organization” in a lame attempt to troll President Trump.

Time and time again, Ellison has expressed hatred, bigotry, and just plain stupidity throughout his entire career, yet it has remained intact. Despite being confronted about the abuse allegation during a televised debate, his campaign to become Minnesota’s attorney general is unaffected. In fact, only 5 percent of Minnesota Democrats believe his accuser. So much for believing all women.

Ellison has a rare gift of being immune from public scrutiny. From his ties to Farrakhan, to the abuse allegations, to his support for domestic terrorists, he continues to be shielded from any condemnation by the media, and the Democratic Party continues to turn a blind eye.

Perhaps one day, Ellison will be subjected to such scrutiny. Until then, he will continue to carry on as a congressman, as deputy chair of the DNC, and as the potentially future attorney general of Minnesota without consequence.