Joey Wulfsohn
Joey Wulfsohn

Joseph Wulfsohn is a writer and columnist for Mediaite. His work has been quoted by Fox News and Follow him on Twitter, @josephwulfsohn.

NBC Is Hyping Megyn Kelly’s Latest Gaffe As An Excuse To Get Rid Of Her

‘NBC Nightly News’ dedicated an entire two-minute segment on Kelly’s gaffe, and several of her colleagues mocked her on air.

The Left Excuses Keith Ellison For Everything They’d Crucify A Republican Over

Senate Democrats refuse to even acknowledge the domestic abuse allegation made against Ellison by his ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan.

Disinviting Steve Bannon From The New Yorker Festival Was A Predictable Act Of Cowardice

It would have taken a lot of courage for David Remnick to stick to his guns and honor Bannon’s invitation. Instead, he chose the easy way out.

Chris Cuomo’s Defense Of Antifa Violence Is Shameful And Dangerous

The CNN host condemned violence against Antifa, but excused violence by its members against peaceful demonstrators.

If Democrats Don’t Condemn Maxine’s Rhetoric, There Could Be A Body Count

Millions of Americans on both sides of the aisle were heartbroken by the separation of these migrant families, but Waters has crossed the line.

Charles Krauthammer Got Me Through The Insane Politics Of Liberal Arts School

I will forever look up to him. After all, he was a giant.

Picking Another National Anthem Fight Makes Trump Look Like A Loser

It’s simply egotistical for President Trump to even imply the Eagles did something wrong because they ‘disagreed’ with the president.

How Tim Allen Can Fill The Void ‘Roseanne’s’ Cancellation Left Middle American Viewers

Allen has a golden opportunity to leap off of the success of ‘Roseanne’ by taking on current events in the age of Trump in a way that no other show has.

Media Choose To Defend MS-13 Instead Of Acknowledging Misleading Reporting On Trump

Trump was criticized for referring to members of MS-13 as ‘animals.’ This is a violent gang with the motto ‘kill, rape, control.’

Media Can’t Stand ‘Chappaquiddick’s’ Sobering Depiction Of Ted Kennedy

Although he’s been dead for nearly a decade, several in the mainstream media still feel the need to shield Kennedy from any criticism.

If Anyone Is The Bully In The Laura Ingraham Spat, It’s David Hogg

Ingraham is a lot of things, but she isn’t a bully, at least in regards to her tweets and commentary.

Laura Ingraham’s Tweet Was Bad, But David Hogg’s Demagoguery Is Worse

If Hogg doesn’t want to accept Ingraham’s apology, that’s his decision. But the rest of us need to stop pretending that he’s the beacon of moral authority.

Democrats Should Beg Hillary Clinton To Stop Smearing Trump Supporters

Clinton continues to show disdain for average Americans who don’t think like she does, and that’s a major problem for Democrats.