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Flix It: Revisiting Clint Eastwood’s Revisionist Western, ‘Unforgiven’

On this episode of the podcast ‘Flix It,’ hosts David Marcus and Ellie Bufkin stream the 1992 western, ‘Unforgiven.’


“Flix It” is a weekly podcast that dives deep into the often lesser-known movies currently available for streaming on Netflix. It’s hosted by David Marcus and Ellie Bufkin.


On this week’s episode, Ellie and David are back to discuss Clint Eastwood’s revisionist western, “Unforgiven,” from 1992. They discuss the evolution of western films over the century, and how identity politics have changed in movies from 1992 until today.  Eastwood’s grizzled cowboy act doesn’t seem to have David fooled, but Ellie feels that movie does more than stand up to the test of time.

Listen here: