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WATCH: Antifa Protesters Drive Conservative Organizers Out Of Philly Restaurant

‘They’re not Nazis, they’re soft fascists,’ a man yells hysterically on footage captured by Turning Point USA staff.


Antifa protesters drove two conservative organizers Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens out of a Philadelphia restaurant Monday morning.

Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, and Owens, the group’s communications director, recorded themselves abandoning their breakfast. TPUSA is a conservative group geared toward high school and college students.

“They’re not Nazis, they’re ‘soft fascists,'” a man hysterically yells as the footage begins.

Before leaving the restaurant, Kirk says, “Have a wonderful day. Enjoy your capitalist brunch.”


The two then walk outside to find a crowd yelling, “1, 2, 3, f*ck the bourgeoisie!” The crowd is Antifa, an anti-fascist group known for violent protests. Antifa recently rioted at the Patriot Prayer event in Portland Oregon.

Antifa surrounded the two and their team while screaming, booing, blowing whistles, and shaking tambourines.  At one point, a white Antifa protestor shouted “f*ck white supremacy” through a microphone into Owen’s face. Owens is a black woman.


An Antifa member then throws a drink at Kirk. The TPUSA team left the scene only to be followed by Antifa protestors, according to Owens. She said a largely black and Hispanic Philadelphia police force escorted them through the city, while the largely white protestors shouted “F*ck the racist police,” and “No good cops in the racist system.”

Monday’s events are part of a larger trend of violence and threats towards conservative politicians and activists. Multiple members of President Trump’s cabinet have also been forced out of restaurants by angry protestors, and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has faced multiple death threats.

Several people were recently arrested for making threats against Republican Reps. Steve Scalise and Chris Smith. Scalise barely survived an assassination attempt while practicing for the annual Congressional baseball game last year.