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Podcast: Dave Rubin On Free Speech, Comedy, Identity Politics, And Abortion

Dave Rubin, comedian and political commentator, joins Ben Domenech for an extra long episode of the Federalist Radio Hour.



Dave Rubin is a comedian and a political commentator who was formerly a host at the Young Turks and now the creator and host of The Rubin Report.

Rubin joins Ben Domenech for an extra long edition of the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss his unique ideological path and a slew of other topics including comedy, identity politics, YouTube censorship, and why he is pro-choice.

“There is a massive fight happening in the West right now, whether the ideas of freedom, of liberty…whether they really will continue much further,” Rubin said.

“What I believe is the greatest threat, is the threat from within, which I believe is identity politics…it is the thing that will one day having us killing each other on the streets.”

Listen to the full conversation here: