Gun-Armed Fast Food Employee Fends Off Scissor-Wielding Clown

Gun-Armed Fast Food Employee Fends Off Scissor-Wielding Clown

Heriberto Feliciano was leaving Little Caesar’s pizza in Holly Hill, Florida, on Saturday after closing up shop, when a man in a clown mask repeatedly beat the fast food employee with a stick, show surveillance videos.

The mask-wearing robber then tried to stab the 28-year-old Feliciano with scissors, but the fast-food employee was able to grab his gun, which he is licensed to carry, say local reports. Feliciano shot and killed his attacker, who has yet to be identified.

“It was an ambush type of an attack and it does appear that he was defending himself,” Holly Hill Police Chief Stephen Aldrich told WKMG. 

Surveillance footage shows Feliciano leaving the restaurant then being repeatedly hit from behind by the attacker. At the beginning of the video, the assailant can be seen holding a large beam while he is approaching the store. The attack is around the 28-second mark in the video below.

The identity of the suspect has yet to be released, but police released images of the mask the attacker wore.

Bre Payton was a staff writer at The Federalist.
Photo holly hill police department
Photo holly hill police/youtube
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