17 White Liberals Who Decided To Lecture Black Superstars About Racism

17 White Liberals Who Decided To Lecture Black Superstars About Racism

This article quotes obscenities and vulgarities.

This week Kanye West tweeted out that he loved Donald Trump and even posted a selfie in a Make America Great Again hat. In response, a lot of white liberals completely lost their minds.

On Wednesday, Chance The Rapper tweeted: “Black people don’t have to be democrats.”

In response, a lot of woke people on the Internet with blue checkmarks next to their usernames decided to lecture these superstars about racism. Here’s 17 of the worst offenses.

1. This Dude Who Thinks Donald Trump Is Definitely A White Supremacist

2. This Sneakerhead Who Thinks Trump Is A ‘Racist Wannabe Authoritarian’

3. This Hipster Musician Who Doesn’t Like Kayne Normalizing Trump


4. ‘American Dad’ Writer Who Does Not Like Mike Huckabee

5. This Podcaster Who Does Not Like Trump’s Jokes

According to his Twitter bio, he’s been “fighting alt-right Nazis since ’89.”

6. This Washington D.C.-Based Lawyer Who Wants Kanye To Shut Up

7. This Marathon Runner Who Thinks It’s Stupid To Not Be A Democrat

8. This Woman Who Can’t Even

9. This Man Bun Enthusiast Who Is Also Upset About Minimum Wage In Kansas

10. This Radio Show Host

11. This Sports Writer

12. This Pundit Who Needs A Fainting Couch, STAT!

13. This Folk Musician Who Can Finally Criticize Kanye Without Fearing He Is Being Racist

14. This Cheesehead Who Thinks Kanye Is Being Used As A Prop By White People

15. This Writer Who Knows What’s Best For Minority Communities

16. This Comedian Who Is Demanding Answers

17. This Music Critic Who Thinks Album Reviews Need To Reference Kanye’s Old Tweets

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