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Comey Admits He Refused To Tell Trump That Hillary Clinton Funded The Dossier

‘It wasn’t necessary for my goal, which was to alert him that we had this information.’


In an interview with ABC News, former FBI Director James Comey admitted he never told President Trump that the infamous Steele Dossier — which was full of unverified and salacious claims — was paid for in part by Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t know the answer to that,” he said when asked if Trump had a right to know the dossier was funded by his political opponents. “It wasn’t necessary for my goal, which was to alert him that we had this information.”

He also said he “wasn’t sure” if the claim that he hired prostitutes in Moscow to pee on each other was true or not. Comey must be forgetting that the dossier was compiled by someone the FBI got rid of because he was an unreliable informant who routinely leaked information to the press. The dossier was funded in part by an opposition-research firm, who hired a sub-contractor whose husband worked as a top official the Department of Justice. This DOJ official setup secret meetings with a Fusion GPS co-founder, Glenn Simpson, and Steele.

It appears the FBI used this flim-flam dossier as the basis upon which to obtain a warrant to surveil Trump campaign associate Carter Page.

Watch the full interview below.