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Democrats Say They’d Take Any GOP President But Trump. That’s Not What They Said Before


To hear it from a typical member of the Left, President Donald Trump’s rise has been the closest thing to the End of Times since its revelation in the Bible.

In the midst of the 2016 election, Democrats spoke so much about the dangers of handing Trump the nuclear codes, they actually went so far as to air commercials depicting nuclear warfare should he be elected to office. President Obama, insisting he never objected to other, more qualified, Republicans from occupying the White House, claimed Trump was uniquely unfit for the nation’s highest office.

The objections to Trump’s candidacy were unlike anything ever before them. Never before had we seen a presidential candidate protested as much as this New York billionaire. Fascism, a political philosophy long reserved as a label for only the most abhorrent of ideologies, was used regularly to describe his worldview. He was made out to be a deviant, a buffoon, and a man no different than Adolf Hitler himself.

The confessions of stalwart liberal pundits could make one believe  Trump really was a man beyond the pale of political normality. Speaking to the ladies of “The View” during a November interview, Keith Olbermann claimed Trump was worse than Osama Bin Laden and ISIS—combined. He had the gall to say the Trump family has done more damage to the country than the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks.

A ferocious critic of Republicans during his disheveled career, Olbermann told Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain, that he owed her father and President George W. Bush an apology for the way he had treated them in the past. Olbermann went quite far in his mea culpa, claiming Sen. McCain was his “favorite” person in politics and that he’d prefer three terms of Bush over what we have now. In the face of Trump, the former GQ special correspondent has now experienced an enormous change of heart over Republicans he has vilified in the past.

Olbermann is nowhere near the only liberal talking head to miss GOP members of times past. Take Bill Maher, the host of a widely popular HBO program.

Maher, as the tenacious liberal that he is, hasn’t kept his politics confined to the television screen. During the 2012 election cycle, he donated $1 million to re-elect President Barack Obama. Maher used his TV show as a pulpit to regularly bash Obama’s then-opponent Mitt Romney, not just for his worldview, but also attacking him on a personal level.

Now, flash-forward four years and Maher acts as if a President Romney would be our saving grace. Speaking to CNN’s Van Jones in February, Maher said he would give that past donation of $1 million dollars to Romney if it meant he, instead of Trump, would occupy the White House. Maher even said he would—gasp!—become a Mormon if it meant ending a Trump presidency.

The list of progressives making an about-face on past Republicans goes on and on. We see what these left-wing pundits are suggesting: We don’t hate all Republicans. Just this Republican. We are only reserving our most intense hostility for Trump. We wouldn’t be acting like this if it were any other Republican politician.

This gaslights conservatives into thinking Trump is in a league all on his own and that we must believe Democrats’ cries for concern this time, unlike all other times. That’s completely bogus, and Maher’s newfound affection for the former Massachusetts governor could not be a better example of liberal crocodile tears.

Love him or hate, there is one truth about Romney: He is a decent human being. Of course, I would argue he is much more than that. From saving a global management consultancy from financial ruin to saving the Salt Lake City Olympics, Romney may be one of the only men in politics who has enacted more change outside of elected office than inside.

He did well for himself financially, there’s no question about that. But he also used his immense wealth to give back to the world, donating millions of dollars throughout his lifetime to those in need.

So did this mean when Romney became the presumptive GOP nominee in 2012, the Democratic Party battled him on the campaign trail with the kind of dignity and respect only a gentleman deserves? No. Don’t let time take away the memories of 2012. Romey was made out to be a monster—a business magnate boogeyman who preyed on the poor and supposedly hated the everyday man.

National Democrats had no dirt on Romney, so they had to make dirt. Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader at the time, literally lied when he claimed Romney did not pay taxes, and later admitted to lying.

Liberals turned Romney’s monumental success at turning around failing businesses into an albatross, with claims he got rich as Bain Capital CEO by firing employees (when in reality, he saved thousands of jobs by keeping these companies from collapsing). Maher and Olbermann are just two of the countless liberal talking heads who took part in demonizing Romney.

Maher didn’t just hit the Massachusetts governor for his politics, he consistently took the low road by poking fun at his religion. The HBO host used his platform to poke fun at Romney’s Mormon faith, calling it a “cult” and questioning the validity of the religion itself. Castigating a religious minority is typically something liberals regard as akin to Nazism, but the rules were proven to be different for a religious sect that votes overwhelmingly for the Republican Party.

Olbermann, a man who may have broken a record with his number of layoffs, also made his attacks against Romney very personal and very insulting. Several years later, after Trump won the Electoral College, Olbermann filmed a video in which he urged electors to buck the rules and vote for Romney as president instead of Trump.

Romney is simply the most recent example of a Republican presidential nominee made out to be the worst person after Lucifer. We can cite the same examples with McCain, Bush, and so on. But we are told to believe the past didn’t play out that way.

So here we are, a year into the Trump administration, and Democrats everywhere claim that they were okay with Republicans in elections past, but they just can’t stomach the one who is in the White House now. We should know this is not true because no matter who the Republican is, they will vilify him or her just the same.

Things are, however, different than before. We have a Republican president who is unabashed in not caring what the liberal elite think of him. Unlike Romney and other Republicans, who have walked back controversial comments, Trump says what he wants and makes no apologies. In this regard, this presidency is something truly historic—and something that has driven Democrats into near insanity.

Trump may not be the president Democrats want, but he is certainly the president they deserve.