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‘Stream of Conscience’ Will Become Your Newest Podcast Addiction

The first season of ‘Stream of Conscience,’ a podcast that tells the stories of the people behind court battles for religious freedom, just dropped on iTunes.


If you like Radio Lab’s “More Perfect” podcast, which takes a deep-dive into Supreme Court cases and the justices on the bench, you will like “Stream of Conscience,” a podcast produced by The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which just dropped this week.

You’ve probably heard of the Supreme Court battle involving Hobby Lobby versus the Department of Health and Human Services over the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate, but you probably haven’t heard the whole story narrated from start to finish. This season of the religious liberty podcast offers an in-depth, 29-minute-long episode on the case with interviews and legal analysis of the case like you haven’t heard it before.

Lauren Green McAfee, whose grandfather founded the craft store empire, explains that he believed that business should run on Biblical principles. The episode follows her family’s experience throughout the case which captured the nation’s attention, but without sensationalized or politicized coverage that dogged much of the headlines over the past couple of years.

In another episode, Lipan Apache pastor Robert Soto tells the story of how federal agents invaded a powwow ceremony to confiscate the eagle feathers he and his congregants used in religious drum circle ceremonies. What ensued was a 10-year-long court battle to get them back, which the podcast covers in-depth.

The remaining nine episodes of the first season will be released monthly.