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CNN’s Insane Anti-Gun Townhall Will Only Help The NRA


So thanks a lot for adding to our discourse, CNN.


Last night’s CNN town hall amounted to a massive in-kind donation to the National Rifle Association. It was absolutely astounding. The problem wasn’t the poor students on stage – though a few of them were, as young people are, overwhelmed by the moment and engaged in disrespectful behavior toward the guests – the problem was a crowd that would cheer anything and everything anti-gun, including in one of the more extreme moments shouting “You’re a murderer” at NRA representative Dana Loesch. One Parkland High School JROTC member refused to participate after being told he couldn’t ask his question about having armed guards in school. The crowd even booed when Loesch brought up a rape survivor who is pro-gun. That was the level of intelligence put on screen, to the point that at varied junctures Jake Tapper attempted to quiet the crowd or ask for respect, to no avail.

The attendees openly cheered for seizing roughly half the guns in the country, even as politicians from both parties presented these ideas as ridiculous. 

Multiple times during the town hall the crowd erupted with cheering at the idea of a ban on all semi-automatic weapons every time it was brought up. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was booed all night long and the NRA was painted as a domestic terrorist organization by people who blamed them for the shooting despite the fact that they had nothing to do with it.

The first such instance came when Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson mentioned banning AR-15s. The second instance came when Rubio underscored the fact that a ban on semi-automatic firearms means a ban on every semi-automatic rifle sold in America… The event got so out of hand that left-leaning CNN anchor and host of the town hall, Jake Tapper, had to tell people to tone it down and be respectful because they weren’t even giving Rubio a chance to talk.

Here was Loesch’s response to student Emma Gonzalez

I don’t believe that this insane monster should have ever been able to obtain a firearm, ever. I do not think that he should have gotten his hands on any kind of weapon. That’s number one.

This individual was nuts and I, nor the millions of people that I represent as a part of this organization, that I’m here speaking for, none of us support people who are crazy, who are a danger to themselves, who are a danger to others, getting their hands on a firearm.

And, we have been, for over 20 years, and I have been screaming about this, which is why I’m here, because I have kids and I’m not just fighting for my kids, I’m fighting for you, I’m fighting for you, I’m fighting for all of you.

Because I don’t want anyone to ever be in this position again. I want everyone to think about this for one second, this goes right into your question. Do you know that it is not federally required for states to actually report people who are prohibited possessors, crazy people, people who are murderers?

No, we’ve been actually talking about that for a long time. Let me answer the question. Let me answer the question. You can shout me down when I’m finished, but let me answer Emma’s question.

It is not federal law for states to report convictions to the NICS system. It’s not federally mandated. That’s the big question and I wish that this network had also covered this more, as other media networks would have covered it.” At which point the crowd began to shout her down.

Here’s what Loesch had to say to Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel when he claimed he needed more power to take guns out of the hands of mentally unstable individuals who have demonstrated a penchant to violence.

“Thirty-nine visits did not meet that standard? Thirty-nine visits, assaulting students, assaulting parents, taking bullets and knives to school, did that not meet that standard?” Loesch asked in reference to the numerous visits police made to the shooter’s home leading up to the tragedy.

“They were threatened with death,” she said. “They were threatened that they were going to bleed. They were threatened that they were going to be killed.”

“He had already taken bullets and knives to school,” she continued. “He had already assaulted people. He had assaulted his parent. He had assaulted other students. Thirty-nine visits. And this was known to the intelligence and law enforcement community.”

So thanks a lot for adding to our discourse, CNN. You’re now no different than SKDKnickerbocker when it comes to being a promotional vehicle for anti-gun views, and you’ve given gun owners every reason to believe reformers are coming for every gun they have. Great job, everyone.