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Mary Katharine Ham Reminds CNN Why No One Should Be Praising Kim Jong Un’s Sister

These cheerleaders … are prisoners of their country and are trained at gunpoint to cheer’


Writer Mary Katharine Ham addressed the firestorm surrounding Vice President Mike Pence and Kim Jong Un’s sister at the Winter Olympics on CNN Sunday.

“She’s literally the director of propaganda and agitation for a terrible, terrible regime. So yes, shaking her hand would be a problem,” Ham said, referring to the North Korean dictator’s sister, Kim Yo Jong. The Washington Post, CNN, ABC News, NBC News, Reuters, and other media outlets have run pieces normalizing her and praising her diplomacy at the games.


“I think it’s really important for activists who don’t like Pence or don’t like this White House and media, to be pretty clear about the fact that she is literally doing P.R. for public executions and gulags,” Katharine Ham added. “That’s her job.”

Mainstream news outlets have also showed an infatuation with the synchronized dancing and singing North Korean cheering section.

“These cheerleaders, by the way, who we get all ‘Slay Kween Slay,’ are prisoners of their country and are trained at gunpoint to cheer,” Katharine Ham said. “So let’s not get too excited just because we disagree with Pence on gay marriage. This is a bad, bad look and it is a propaganda victory for them.”