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This Year In Sports: The Players, Teams, And Media Of 2017

Neil Greenberg, sports writer at the Washington Post, recaps this year in the world of sports. From news players and teams to the leagues and sports media.


Neil Greenberg is a sports writer and stats geek at The Washington Post, who joins Ben Domenech on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour to recap this year in the world of sports. They discuss the biggest shifts and changes in players, teams, leagues, and sports media.

Greenberg defends why he doesn’t think Eli Manning is worthy of the Hall of Fame. “It’s supposed to be reserved for great players, not very good players,” he said. “Eli, while very good, probably doesn’t rise to the level of Hall of Fame.”

Domenech discusses the resignation of ESPN’s John Skipper and the hits that ESPN has taken this year. “I understand there is a place for boiling hot takes, but I’m used to that being sports radio. Now I feel like all of that has migrated into the TV programming, while hurting good analysis,” he said.

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