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15 Of The Most Unhinged Responses To The Texas Church Massacre Yet


In the wake of the deadly mass shooting in Texas on Sunday a lot of idiots on the Internet have decided to say a lot of totally unhinged things.


At least 26 people were murdered and another 20 were injured by a gunman who opened fire at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas on Sunday. Among those killed was 14-year-old Annabelle Renee Pomeroy, who was pastor Frank Pomeroy’s youngest daughter.

In the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in the Lone Star state’s history, a lot of idiots on the Internet have decided to say a lot of totally unhinged things. Here’s 15 of the most insane responses so far.

1. Praying Is For Losers

Many have wasted no time to point out that the parishioners who were gunned down on Sunday were sitting in a pew inside of a church when they were killed — a fact they have falsely equated to mean that prayer and faith are totally invalid. You can read why this logic is totally insane and get a quick primer on the basic tenants of Christianity here.

2. Don’t Pray. Don’t Think.

Prayer isn’t a magic invisibility cloak that shields you from all evil and danger. In fact, the opposite is more often true. Jesus told his followers they would be hated, scorned and face difficulties — even death — for their decision to worship and obey him. Being a faithful Christian means facing certain difficulty, even death, an aspect of life Jesus himself did not attempt to hide from his followers.

3. Suggesting Prayer Makes You A Monster

Apparently Rep. Paul Ryan’s assertion to pray for the victims of the horrible tragedy was just too much for many to handle.

4. Praying Makes You A Coward

5. ‘Everything I Don’t Like Is Terrorism’

Others have decided to conflate the tragic events that unfolded on Sunday with terrorism, despite the fact that the shooter’s motivations are unknown. Terrorism means extremists using violent means to achieve a political agenda. We do not know if the shooter was acting to advance a political ideology.

6. ‘If You’re Not Stripping Away The Second Amendment You’re Part Of The Problem’

7. Supporting The NRA Means You Pulled The Trigger

8. Protecting The Second Amendment = Terrorism

The shooter’s motivations are still unknown. And the NRA had no part in Sunday’s shooting, nor have they ever protected a terrorist.

9. Joy Ann Reid

The MSNBC host had a lot of things to say about the shooting. Her retelling of Jesus’s life and ministry on earth is, shall we say, interesting. . .

David Marcus, FTW.

10. Aaaaaaand scene!

11. ‘What’s The Going Rate For A Thought And A Prayer?’

Hoooo boy.

12. ‘Shove Your Prayers Up Your A**’

Keith Olbermann, ever the calm and respectful voice of reason, weighed in on the tragedy with this gem of a tweet.

Never change, Keith.

13. Republicans Are To Blame

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is blaming Republicans for Sunday’s tragedy. In Warren’s mind, if you’re a Republican and dare to encourage people to pray, you’re the monster.

14. Conflating Prayer With Bullets

Please explain the physics behind this tweet.

15. ‘The NRA Is A Terrorist Organization’

Let me know when the NRA tells people to kill others and commit acts of violence to advance a specific political ideology and I will condemn them right alongside you.