Keith Olbermann Calls WSJ’s Editorial Page ‘The Voice of Fascism’

Keith Olbermann Calls WSJ’s Editorial Page ‘The Voice of Fascism’

When everyone is a fascist, no one is. 

Former MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann has a long history of overreacting to things and calling people he disagrees with a “fascist.” Most recently, Olbermann said The Wall Street Journal‘s editorial page was a voice of fascism.

Olbermann’s tweet was in response to an article published in the Journal explaining why Robert Mueller should not be leading the investigation into alleged connections between President Trump and Russia, which WSJ columnist Kimberly Strassel shared via Twitter.

The author of “Trump Is F***ing Crazy” has called a lot of people he doesn’t like “fascists,” including Sean Hannity and Sheriff Clarke, and anyone who dares to criticize the NFL kneelers.

The man who has been anchoring a weekly web show for GQ called “The Resistance” has been known to overreact for quite some time. Remember that “Saturday Night Life” skit from 2008 in which Ben Affleck, playing Olbermann, calls Sen. John McCain a Nazi sympathizer and then-president George W. Bush a racist? We do.

That SNL skit parodying Olbermann’s behavior wasn’t far off from his real-life behavior either. Never change, Keith!

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