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Podcast: NASCAR’s Evolution Of Fans, Tracks, And Drivers

Chris Jacobs examines the decline of the fan base and how NASCAR is doing to attract new race consumers on the Federalist Radio Hour.


Chris Jacobs, senior contributor at the Federalist, joins Federalist Radio to discuss the sport of racing and how the fans of NASCAR have seen drastic changes and sad declines over the last decade.

Jacobs and Mary Katharine Ham talk racing culture, rule changes, disappearing core fans, and the drivers who are the face of it all.

“You see a lot of hospitality tents and luxury suites, and there certainly is some at the infield at some places but it has become more upscale,” Jacobs said. “So what have you done to your base of loyal fans, and what are they looking for, and how do you maintain that interest?”

Listen here: