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Radio: Catalonia Independence, Iconoclasm, And Fishing In Alaska

Federalist Senior Contributors John Davidson And Megan Oprea join this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour from Austin, Texas.


John Davidson is a senior correspondent for the Federalist and Megan Oprea is the editor of the foreign policy newsletter, INBOUND. Ben Domenech sits down with both Davidson and Oprea in Austin, Texas to discuss the situation in Catalonia, Trump’s UN speech, iconoclasm, and the uniqueness of Alaska.

“What the Catalonian leaders have been saying they want is democracy. They want to be able to vote.” Oprea said. “If the government in Madrid doesn’t respect that and decides to send in troops…I think you’re going to see riots in the streets just for their vote not being honored.”

Davidson, a former commercial fisherman, explains why community is different in Alaska compared to the lower 48. “One of the things about the class structure of Alaska is that it is muted by the fact that people rely on each other,” he said.

Listen here: