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Houston Survivor: Please Give. Harvey Devastation ‘Is Worse Than You Think’

As I write this, I can hear rescue boats picking people up less than a mile from my house.


You have seen Houston flood devastation on TV. I live here in a Houston suburb, and let me tell you, it is worse than you think. As I write this, I can hear rescue boats picking people up less than a mile from my house. But countless articles have already been written about the poor people displaced, the property damage, the businesses wiped out. That’s not what this is.

The only opinion I will give here is you should be very proud of your fellow man. Every day I am out in the horrible mess down here and all I see are selfless Americans giving everything they have to help. No politics. No divisiveness. Just acts of selfless love. You should be very proud of your countrymen.

The question I keep getting is, “How can I help?” Money. That’s the long and the short of it. The generosity has been so extensive with the giving of supplies that most places are pretty set for now. But lots of money will be needed going forward.

Charities are a dime a dozen, and some are more reputable than others, so here are a few I trust. Please click on the link of your choosing and give if you can.

I have seen a father holding a child as they both weep. I have seen a man risking his life to carry his dog through the water to safety, a child asking his mother about his lost toys, and a man weeping tears of joy as he finds out his father is alive. My neighbor ventured out to rescue people yesterday. He barely made it back. The truck did not. As you read this, countless families have lost everything and don’t know what tomorrow may bring. Shelters are at their capacity and the worst flooding is still to come.

Please, if you can find it in your heart, give. Anything helps. Thank you all. God bless.