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Charles Murray Responds To Critics His Study Of Intelligence, Social Class, And White America

Why does the left riot and accuse Dr. Charles Murray of being a white nationalist? He joins this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss.


Dr. Charles Murray, the influential social scientist and AEI scholar, joins managing editor Joy Pullmann on The Federalist Radio Hour in discussing the recent alt-right accusations and protests against his work, his controversial book, “The Bell Curve,” and the divergence of American classes and cultures.

Murray’s studies on human intelligence and IQ manifest into his book “Coming Apart” and the social implications of intelligence. “The upper class these days is not an upper class just because of money and position, it also has in common, in general, a very high cognitive ability.”

Murray contrasts lives and communities of “texture” to those in glossy suburbs, and prescribes what is needed to remove barriers between the two. “More humility, in terms of recognizing our luck, and more realism, in understanding at a deep level that being smart doesn’t make you good, doesn’t make you valuable, doesn’t make you wise,” Murray said.

Listen here or download below: