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Armed With Her Dad’s Gun, This 17-Year-Old Girl Fended Off A Wanted Man Who Broke Into Her Home


Monday morning, a 17-year-old girl defended herself from a wanted car thief who broke into her home while she slept. 


A 17-year-old girl defended herself with her dad’s gun from a wanted car thief who broke into her home while she slept Monday morning.

When Kimber Wood of Spokane County, Washington awoke, it was to the sound of someone breaking into her home. Luckily, her parents had warned her there was a suspected car thief on the loose in their area, so she had slept with her dad’s gun under her pillow, KHQ reports.

Police say they initially saw a stolen car early Monday morning, but that the suspect evaded authorities and fled on foot. KHQ reported the incident on “The Wake Up Show,” which Kimber’s parents saw before they left for work.

With the gun in hand, the teen hid behind her makeup vanity, waiting for the intruder to come closer. When the man approached her, she pointed the gun at him and demanded that he leave.

“Who are you?” she said. “Get the (expletive) out of my house!”

The suspect fled her home, stealing her boyfriend’s ATV on the way out. Kimber told KHQ she fired a shot at the ground as he ran. The suspect is still at large.