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Breaking News Alert It Could Soon Be Illegal For California Teachers To Tell Parents About Kids' Trans Confusion

Katy Tur’s Trans Father Attacked Her On Social Media, And It Was Revealing


In a revealing moment of LGBT social media, transgender activist Zoey Tur publicly raked his daughter over the coals after the Sunday New York Times ran a profile of NBC journalist Katy Tur in anticipation of her new book hitting stores. For the unfamiliar, Zoey Tur is a former news helicopter pilot who has found a bit of celebrity as a recently forged woman who threatened writer Ben Shapiro with physical violence on national TV.

In the profile, Katy Tur hardly discussed her father, a rare moment for The New York Times, which has served as support central for all things transgender. Tur senior’s reaction was self-absorbed and vicious. He said:

When I came out in May have 2013 I told TMZ’s Harvey Levin and National Public Radio I was done running, hiding and I would be open and honest. No one would put me back in the closet. I broke that pledge and I’ve out of integrity. I apologize. My daughter Katy said she’s ‘terrified’ to meet me. She told me the day My x GF Carrie Fisher died that she was going to ‘set things right’ and come see me. That was 171 days ago. Her promise was a whole lot a nuthin. It’s been 1,500 days since she last saw me and told me I was a terrible father after having jv bust comeout. I was crushed. On June 8th a turned 57 and no call-not even an email. On Pride Sunday the NYTimes published a story about Katy that left me humiliated. The timing and optics couldn’t be worse.Truth is my daughter does not support the LGBT community. She’s Transphobic and fearful that it will hurt her career as a broadcaster in these alt-right times putting career before family. In the words of Paddy Chayefsky: She’s pure television.

I apologize to you all and will continue to fight for my community.

Happy Pride 2017 and Resist!

Let’s unpack that. Tur’s first psychological manipulation is to position himself as a fighter for a righteous cause. Yet believing Tur’s indictment of his daughter depends on willingly suspending disbelief. The claim that a liberal journalist is afraid of being pro-LGBT because that will hurt her career is absurd.

The logic is not without more contradictions. Tur, a 57-year-old father, is an authentic, honest woman, but his daughter is a TV phony. His daughter has a different account that the Times touches on.

Tur’s basic gaslight is to feign victimhood and question his daughter’s honesty. His narcissistic injury: His daughter does not want to see him. His life is hard. He “came out” on the radio. He had a birthday. He was humiliated.

Resist What? Material Reality?

Family is not a political postmodern ideology that needs to check in with LGBT. Many adult children of LGBT parents agree that society has not begun to fully recognize the inherent risks of injury to children because the media and academic “allies” are dedicated to keeping it hidden.

Another way to see what I am describing with the LGBT community and gauge the wider awareness is to look at the reactions to Tur’s post. The reactions of commenters were mixed although more tended toward this response: “You are so brave. You did what you had to do to live a truthful existence. I believe she will come around. I’m sorry you don’t have her in your life now…it’s heartbreaking…”

Some commenters had direct and visceral reactions.

Maybe your daughter doesn’t speak to you because you’re toxic and dysfunctional, as evidenced by this post dragging your family disputes before the public and causing problems for your daughter. You seem like a real piece of work; if I were your daughter I wouldn’t talk to you either and that has nothing to do with transphobia. You sound like you’re making excuses for your poor parenting. Team Katy all the way.

Social media may not be a 100 percent accurate reflection of what the wider population thinks, but it can’t be any more off the mark than rigged polls, fabricated statistics, and fake studies LGBT activists produce and feed to a gullible media. Comments like: “fight on and if you need back up feel free to contact me I am there for you” were not rare.

Why Zoey Tur Made This Public

One rare commentator posed a valid question that cuts to the core of the ideology: “Why take it public. It is between you two.” Here’s why. Simply put, public is where the mob is easily rallied and the victim made a target. It is where the narrative is constructed. This is very important, since public shaming and discrediting is followed by isolating a person. It is one of the main strategies of this movement.

Crowdsourcing abuse in the LGBT community is a common method to control and harm others, including family members and their own kids. With the Internet, people can see it with their own eyes. Increasingly, the hallmark of the gender identity movement is the threat of violence, even more than the standard threats of career, social, and financial harm.

How far does it go? In early June, Randy Stair, a.k.a Andrew Blaze, who also identified as a woman, expressed his anger and victimhood on social media. He said: “I just want to kill people it doesn’t matter who it is.” Then he bolted the doors so no one could escape and opened fire on all his “transphobic” coworkers, killing three and then killing himself.

When we talk about the transgender suicide rate, we should ask how many killed or harmed others before they killed themselves In 2016-17 there have been numerous trans-linked cases of rampage killings: see here, here, here, and here.

If you read trans avocates’ words and watch their YouTube videos in response, it seems their own grandiosity and exaggerated sense of injury coupled with a lack of empathy and exhibitionism feed the narcissistic rage that fronts as social justice. It is like an overpopulated folie a deux. And the LGBT reaction is to avoid responsibility, reject empathy, and ignore the victims. What are they upset about? A male killer was called a male. He was “misgendered,” and that is reason enough to murder as many people as possible.

Abuse Normalized In Context of LGBT Parenting

Tur’s intention to publicly shame his daughter and get the mob to turn on her gives a glimpse into alarmingly common LGBT parenting tactics. An increasing number of adult children of LGBT are familiar with these tactics and indicate a subculture of abusive behaviors that have not been named, widely documented, or described yet, and that have no accurate analogy in parenting and family dynamics historically, culturally, or psychologically.

The children live in an ideological lie where the sexual and gender identity of adults is paramount.

Recall that Rosie O’Donnell has used this same tactic extensively. For example: “Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter blasts her as a pot-smoking phony.” To dodge scrutiny LGBT activists fill the rooms with chatters and comparisons to all other types of bad parenting that “breeders” can be accused of. Or they appeal to authority and present advocacy research designed to do three things: counter common sense, subvert the needs of children, and reframe the child’s reality in the culture and deny them their basic rights.

As Tur and O’Donnell demonstrate, for their children—including adult children—there is no privacy, no trust, and no safety because sexual identity and gender are committed to an ideology of entitlement that is de-facto only conditionally supportive. Children sent off to their room with no dinner for being “transphobic and homophobic” sounds absurd, but crowd-sourcing abuse is not a joke.

The culture of sexual and gender identity is adult-centered. And family, when all goes well is a performance piece, a musical carousel turning the circle to show the adults in both their best light and as the long-suffering victims. The posturing distorts reality and demands everyone else live in that distortion. The children live in an ideological lie where the sexual and gender identity of adults is paramount.

This creates a new kind of orphan cut off from trusted adult support. The children of LGBT parents continue to document accounts of homelessness, drugs, sexual experimentation, and academic and social struggles. Some can be seen in their books and blogs—see here, here, here, and here.

The Research Reinforces Worries

Researchers take risks with their careers and physical safety if they expose anything that puts the LGBT narrative in question, such as for professor Mark Regnerus, Michael Bailey, and Alice Dreger. While pro-LGBT researchers and supporters say there is “no difference” in parenting, Donald Paul Sullins has looked at extensive data calling that into question. His analysis of the data noted that the “quality of care” on a financial level had little impact. So what’s the difference? Clearly something elusive.

In her most recent book, “In The Dark Room,” feminist Susan Faludi, whose “vicious bully” father “transitioned” in his later years, recounts her father walking around in front of her naked at all hours. She described her father’s jealousy, the male fetishized sexualization of the idea of woman, perennial demand for attentions, and bullying.

We’ve yet to initiate a robust conversation about the ways progressive ideologies cover up a social dysfunction that has taken the title “the new civil rights.” Does LGBT really look like any actual ethnic or racial group, or does it function like a cult of emotional distortions, control issues, and blackmail that thieves familiar arguments from marginalized groups? Think about it: men not allowed in locker rooms with little girls is Jim Crow?

At this point people should be fed up with these familiar totalitarian tactics, the “newspeak,” the preferred and made-up pronouns, the charge of heresy—phobic, bigot, hater. These maneuvers seen as political and social spill over into all interactions.

It should be no surprise that no national LGBT organization has ever addressed child abuse in LGBT families. Yet they have thousands of centers for “queer kids” from heterosexual and Christian homes. We have stepped off the precipice. We may hang in mid-air for a second like Wylie E. Coyote before we realize and hit bottom. In this ego relationship, Tur might say he loves his daughter. I would tell him that not all love is a virtue.