Rivka Edelman
Rivka Edelman

Rivka Edelman is the pen name of a visiting professor of literature and writing. She has published widely. She is also a feminist, a children’s rights activist, and on the board of a network of adult children raised in LBGT households.

Katy Tur’s Trans Father Attacked Her On Social Media, And It Was Revealing

Transgender activist Zoey Tur publicly raked his daughter over the coals after the Sunday New York Times ran a profile of NBC journalist Katy Tur in anticipation of her new book.

A Parent’s Guide To Not Transing The Kids

Tobacco companies employed ‘Get ‘em young’ to create lifelong smokers. So it makes marketing sense that transgender activism has targeted kids and public schools as ground zero.

Transgender Activists Put Women At Risk, And It Affected The Election

Transgender activists use questionable, even dangerous, tactics to advance their agenda—all the while putting women and girls at risk.

LBGT Demands For Other People’s Children Are Misogynistic

The misogyny of the LGBT movement flings women backward to a dark era, when the rule was prejudice against single mothers and unintended pregnancy.