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Assessing Geopolitical Risk, Global Flash Points, And International Relationships

Milena Rodban, geopolitical risk consultant, is helping tech companies strategize their way across the globe. She is the guest of the hour on this episode of Federalist Radio.


Milena Rodban is a geopolitical risk consultant who works with technology companies who face security or business risks when expanding into other countries. She joins Federalist Radio to discuss Silicon Valley mentality, disruption in Middle East markets, global flash points, and how foreign policy strategy is like dating strategy.

“I’ve had people who think it’s safe to hitch hike through Pakistan. I’ve had people who think it’s just fine and dandy to hang out with members of the military in unfriendly countries,” Rodban said. “You really have to cater to lowest common denominator in terms of understanding international affairs, but do it in a way that helps lead them to the conclusion that this is a bad idea, and not just lecture them.”

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