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A Last-Minute Foodie Gift Guide For Father’s Day


Sunday is Father’s Day, and that means you’re probably looking for last-minute presents. If your dad is a griller, chef, or just loves to eat, I have you covered. Here are seven great Father’s Day gift ideas.

1. A Grill (Doh)

Go all-out and buy your dear old dad a new grill. I learned my grilling skills at the feet of my father. Salmon, burgers, asparagus — all that and more was done on our grill. If your dad’s grill has seen better days, band together with your siblings and mom to split the cost of a new grill for dad.

You can go for a monster gas grill with all the bells and whistles like the Summit S-670 6-Burner Stainless Steel model from Weber, or for something a little simpler and more primal like this charcoal grill, or for the man who loves to smoke some barbecue low and slow, you could get this fine Smokin’ Champ horizontal smoker from Char-Griller.

2. Grilling Accessories

Don’t want to break the bank on a new grill? How about some grilling accessories? Every grill-master always needs a new spatula or pair of tongs. You can go with a theme like these Darth Vader’s Lightsaber Tongs (which my family bought me a couple years ago), or a spatula with the logo of dad’s favorite sports team. There are lots of affordable options, so get something your father would love.

3. A Knife

Does your dad like to chop, dice, and slice in the kitchen? Buy him a new knife. I’ve written on the different knife options you have available. Japanese, German, chef’s knife, paring knife, meat clever—all of these and more can be had at your local restaurant supply store, specialty store, or even Target. My suggestion: go for a quality 8- or 10-inch Japanese chef’s knife. If you only have one nice knife, this is the kind you should have.

4. A Cookbook

Cookbooks don’t have to be boring lists of recipes your grandmother knew. Some of today’s chefs write cookbooks that are nice to actually read. They have a story interwoven with great recipes that you can make with your father. The perfect example is Anthony Bourdain’s latest book, “Appetites,” about the meals he makes for his friends, family, and especially his daughter.

The man is a world traveler extraordinaire who has been to all seven continents (if you haven’t seen his episode in Antarctica, do so), but when he’s home these are the dishes he likes to cook. With his unmatched wit, humor, and foul-mouthed fun, Bourdain will leave your father in stitches (metaphorically, of course), with some great recipes to make and stories to tell.

5. A Meal Subscription

Subscription services are all the rage. You can get new clothes or ready-to-make dinners delivered to your door on a regular basis. But those are boring. What about booze delivered to dad each month? Yep, they have that, and your dad will love it! Starting at $60, Crafted Taste will send a tasty cocktail of the month complete with everything recipients need to make it including mixers, and full-sized bottles of a “hand-selected” spirit. Think of this like having a great bartender come to your father’s house once a month, teaching him how to make a great cocktail, and leaving behind some tasty booze. He’ll love it!

6. Beer Camp Tickets

Is your father a big beer drinker? Does he love trying a bunch of beers at once? Does he love getting access to beers he can’t buy at his local grocery store? Then tickets to Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp are exactly what you need to get him! Traveling across the country this summer to eight different cities, including San Francisco, Chicago, and Austin, Sierra Nevada is bringing together breweries from all over the world to provide a massive tasting experience along with food, music, and—oh yeah, did I mention TONS of craft beers to sample? I’m going to the Austin event, and if your dad is a beer-lover like me, I’m sure he’d love for you to take him to one of the stops in your area.

7. Make Your Dad Dinner

This may seem simple, but it’s a guaranteed homerun. Get together with your dad this weekend and make a special meal for him. Does he love Thanksgiving mashed potatoes, summertime burgers, his mom’s old chocolate chip cookies, and that special, hard-to-track-down bourbon? Make his ideal meal this Sunday, bringing all those different dishes together. His eyes will light up when he sees the table, and as a dad myself I can say he will cherish the special time he spends with you while sharing a tasty meal.