FDRLST Radio: Unpacking The Context Of U.S.-Russia Relations

FDRLST Radio: Unpacking The Context Of U.S.-Russia Relations

Paul J. Saunders is Executive Director of the Center for the National Interest and an expert on foreign policy, national security, and Russia. Saunders joins Federalist Radio to address some of the questions and concerns surrounding Russia, Rex Tillerson, General Flynn, and the dissonance between elites and the American people on foreign policy.

Saunders explains the importance of context in understanding why Russia would be involved in U.S. elections. “The context is instead, we’re having a relationship of rivalry and mistrust in which the United States…really since the end of the Cold War has been trying in various ways to promote political outcomes in Russia,” he said.

Later in the hour, they discuss the nation’s former and current leaders in national security from General Flynn to James Clapper. “General Clapper has taken a much more simplistic approach and doesn’t try to make that kind of intellectual effort,” Saunders said.

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