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Congressman Dave Brat Talks Tax Reform, Angry Electorates, And Ethics

Rep. Dave Brat joins Federalist Radio and dispatches from the health care and budget debates taking place on Capitol Hill.


Congressman Dave Brat of Virginia’s 7th district joins the Federalist Radio Hour to reflect on the last couple months of change and controversy in Congress. Brat discusses health care, tax reform, how to respond to an angry electorate, and the importance of a leader’s faith.

Brat sheds light on how negotiations went down among the Freedom Caucus during the AHCA debates. “We’ve already gone along with a federal program…which keeps all the Obamacare regulations and the press calls us ‘obstructionists’ for wanting one element of a free market outcome,” he said.

What happens when our education system no longer teaches systems of ethics or economics? “The hard Left is basically about deconstructing the Western paradigm. Which is roughly speaking, the Judeo-Christian tradition, the Rule of Law, and free markets. And you can the Left on three just chipping away.”

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