The New Skittles Umbilical Cord Ad Makes Me Want To Barf, Not Buy Skittles

The New Skittles Umbilical Cord Ad Makes Me Want To Barf, Not Buy Skittles

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Skittles just released an ad that is the stuff of vomit-inducing nightmares.

It starts out the way many other Skittles ads do. There are two unfortunate-looking people in drab outfits and it looks like the entire thing was filmed using Instagram’s Nashville filter.

An elderly woman  rips open a package of the fruity-flavored candy.

And pops one in her mouth.

“Lemon,” this man says.

The woman grunts affirmatively and pops another piece of candy into her mouth.

“Orange,” the man says.

As the woman grunts affirmatively, the camera zooms out to reveal that the man is her son and he is attached to his mother via an umbilical cord.


Here’s a closeup.

“Oh mother, I love eating Skittles every time you eat Skittles,” the man says.

“I love you eating Skittles every time I eat Skittles,” the woman says in response.

BRB, I just gotta go barf!

This isn’t the first time the candy company released a gross ad. Here’s one in which a teenage girl picks a “Skittlespox” off a boy’s face and eats it.

But the umbilical cord ad really takes the cake on the nastiness factor — perhaps because it hits too close to home?

In real life, many adult millennials are financially dependent upon their parents in a way satirized by the man in the commercial. Millennials are living with their parents well into adulthood at rates that are a 130-year high. Of the ones who do live on their own, nearly half rely on their parents to pay their rent.

So maybe there’s a bit of truthful symbolism in the ad that makes it all the more cringeworthy. Either way, I’m not buying a pack of Skittles until I can forget this nasty video, which could be a while!

You can watch the entire ad in all its disgusting glory, here. 

Bre Payton was a staff writer at The Federalist.
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