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Watch Pro-Abortionists Beat A Piñata Of A Pro-Life Senator’s Face

pat toomey

An abortion care worker in Philadelphia invited her friends over last weekend to celebrate her birthday by beating a piñata with Sen. Pat Toomey’s face on it.


Samantha Pinto, a 25-year-old abortion worker in Philadelphia, invited her friends over last weekend to celebrate her birthday by beating a piñata with Sen. Pat Toomey’s face on it.

“We thought it would be a fun thing for the party since Pat Toomey opposes abortion,” Pinto said in an interview with Billy Penn, a local online news hub.

Pinto said she sent letters to the pro-life senator’s office urging him to support abortion, but was irritated by the response she received.

“We got the generic response back that said any reasonable person would agree that we should support adoption instead of abortion, which isn’t a reasonable response at all,” Pinto said (emphasis added). “Adoption is not an alternative to pregnancy, it’s an alternative to parenting. Putting adoption and abortion side by side like that is silly.”

In lieu of birthday presents, Pinto asked her friends to donate to the Women’s Medical Fund, a local organization that funds abortions for women. They ate cake, then proceeded to “beat the sh-t out of” Toomey’s likeness. Here’s more.

On a chilly but still temperate Holy Saturday night, Piñata Pat Toomey was smiling, hung up in her backyard patio. Guests had beer and Mexican food, hanging out as more friends trickled in. Pinto, as she would do throughout the night, welcomed a friend to the patio, then motioned to the special guest and explained that later in the night they’d be beating that.

“Oh my God, I hate this mother***er,” one friend said as Pinto showed her. They instantly began discussing policies of his that they hate, with other guests chiming in. “He also refuses to meet the constituents of his own state!” the friend continued, amped up.

“Okay, so when do we get to beat the shit out of him?” one guest asked.

Another responded, “We’re waiting for Tina!”

When Tina showed up, guests were ready for their swings. Pinto signaled that it was time.

Rather than a bat, Pinto took a long wooden pole and approached Piñata Pat Toomey. The birthday girl went first. No one put a blindfold on.

After her party guests smashed the piñata version of Toomey’s face inwards, they flipped it upside down and condoms, lubricant, and candy spilled out. You can watch a video of whole thing here,

Warning: some of the language in the following video is NSFW.

h/t Life Site News