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Here Are The Essential Episodes Of ‘Rick And Morty’

Don’t fret. I’ve compiled a list of the must-see ‘Rick and Morty’ episodes to watch before the new season drops.

If you’re like me, you can’t go more than a few minutes without hearing about this “Rick and Morty” show. Adult Swim surprised everyone by showing the third season premiere on April Fool’s Day and the internet literally lost its figurative mind. Now you’re super mega interested and want to catch up before the rest of the third season airs this summer. But maybe you don’t know where to start.
Don’t fret. I’ve compiled a list of the must-see “Rick and Morty” episodes to watch.


This episode introduces you to mad scientist Rick Sanchez (also a pilot… literally!), his grandson Morty Smith, and the rest of the Smith family. It sets the stage for the crazy adventures to come through time, space, and more space.

‘Lawnmower Dog’

An instant classic. This episode sees Rick and Morty try to improve Morty’s grade through “Inception”-style mind control. In the B story, Morty’s dog literally bites off more than he can figuratively chew!

‘Anatomy Park’

Christmas comes to “Rick and Morty” and also to Rick and Morty! This episode mashes up “Innerspace” and “Jurassic Park 3,” ending in a “fantastic voyage” no one could have expected.

‘M. Night Shaym-Aliens!’

The title should tell you all you need to know about this classic episode. Rick and Morty face an epic struggle over what’s real in this instant classic.

‘Meeseeks and Destroy’

The Smith family wants their live-in mad scientist to chip in a bit more. And boy does he ever! It’s an experience the Smith family will never forget. And neither will you!

‘Rick Potion #9’

Morty wants a girl to fall in love with him. Rick creates a love potion that works a little better than it should. You won’t believe what happens next.

‘Raising Gazorpazorp’

Morty’s sister, Summer, joins grandpa Rick on the adventure this time. That’s only because Morty has fathered an…. alien son? Oh brother!

‘Rixty Minutes’

Another instant classic. Rick uses science to let the Smith family watch television shows from across the multiverse. You won’t want to “change the channel” on this one!

‘Something Ricked This Way Comes’

Summer gets a part time job with the devil himself in one “hell” of an episode! Meanwhile, Jerry and Morty work on a science project that’s “out of this world”!

‘Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind’

Rick is on a mission to find out who framed him, while the Smith family hangs out with some… familiar faces. This episode will double your pleasure AND double your fun!

‘Ricksy Business’

A classic cliffhanger finale. Morty’s parents go a “titanic” adventure. With the cats (the “parents”) away, the mice (Rick and his friends) will play! It’s a raucous good “time”!

‘A Rickle in Time’

If you watched the season one finale, then you have to see the classic season two premiere. It feels like the show hasn’t skipped a beat. That’s because it hasn’t! Rick, Morty, and Summer deal with the fallout of messing with time.

‘Mortynight Run’

This one’s got it all: Music, gas, multiple versions of Morty’s father. It’s like they did a “best of” just for fans! Talk about your instant classic.

‘Auto Erotic Assimilation’

Rick reconnects with an old flame while Beth and Jerry Smith face up to their marriage troubles. The “intergalactic relationships” episode may be a sitcom trope, but no one does it better than Rick and Morty.

‘Total Rickall’

Many fans consider this episode to be an “instant classic.” Grandpa Rick, the Smiths, Jerry’s brother, and their butler all fight to survive as reality-bending parasites take over the house.

‘Get Schwifty’

Aww yes. You’ll need to get schwifty. It would be in your best interest to get schwifty in this episode.

‘The Ricks Must Be Crazy’

Rick’s spaceship is on the fritz. So he and Morty travel to Rick’s microverse and learn that “big” problems often come in small universes!

‘Big Trouble in Little Sanchez’

Jerry and Beth attend a counseling session. Rick decides to help with the school’s vampire problem by turning into a teenager. Morty and Summer quickly realize there may be more at “stake.”

‘Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate’

“What a second, another episode about watching interdimensional television?” Yessirree Bob!

‘Look Who’s Purging Now’

Art imitates… art? Rick and Morty must survive on a planet who inhabitants probably took that “The Purge” movie a bit too seriously.

‘The Wedding Squanchers’

Rick’s friend Birdperson gets married and the whole family attends. Turns out, a good wedding toast is the least of Rick’s problems! Holy matrimony! It’s the “space wedding” episode all sitcom fans expect. And it delivers.