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These 12 Non-Strikers’ Selfies Show What We Love About Being Women In America


The pink-hat-wearing women who marched after President Donald Trump’s election have organized a new demonstration they’re calling A Day Without a Woman. This isn’t a march or sit-in, but rather a call for women to not show up to their jobs to showcase how needed women are. This demonstration falls on International Women’s Day, taking focus from important issues like honor killings, female genital mutilation, and women whose countries and cultures won’t even let them drive a car.

Here at the Federalist we’re full of women, living lives full of all sorts of responsibilities. So, for the Day Without A Woman, here’s some of us celebrating what’s so great about being a woman in America.

Let’s start with Jennifer Doverspike, who has no desire to strike from loving on her precious newborn.

Joy Pullmann, our managing editor, would miss out on family supper if she was on strike today, because as she notes: “without a woman means I don’t get dinner but everyone else still does, because my husband makes it almost every night.”

Joy also is still reading to her kids instead of taking the day off, “because it’d be terrible to deprive my babies of their scant momma time to score political points against my family’s interests.”

Denise McAllister isn’t letting political posturing stop her from enjoying one of the most important parts of her life: being loved. “One of the best things about being a woman is being loved and desired by a man. I’m not taking a day off from that!”

Stella Morabito has no time for quitting representing us at the Federalist—check that shirt! Life doesn’t stop for privileged demonstrations. It’s not the women working minimum wage jobs who have the sick leave or financial cushion to strike.

Margot Cleveland frames why she’s not on strike from being a mother: “If you need to strike from motherhood … you’re doing it wrong.”

Holly Scheer doesn’t have time to ignore her responsibilities, from her work to reading to her two littlest kids. Motherhood, and the ability to do work she loves, are both things she celebrates the chance to have.

Nicole Russell is a “Minivan mom not striking because ain’t got time for that.”

Our families can’t manage without us, and we can’t manage without them. Nor do we want to. Our jobs, diverse as they are, rely on us, too. We repay that loyalty with loyalty of our own, and The Federalist values each of us for our unique voices and experiences. We’re not on strike today. We stand with women and girls who are being persecuted, those who aren’t safe, and those fighting real injustices.

UPDATE: More Federalist contributors write in:

Senior contributor Rachel Lu writes: “Who’d want to run away from this? Who could?”

Senior contributor Leslie Loftis shares this picture with her daughter:

Here’s Federalista Vanessa Rasanen sharing what she’s doing today instead of taking the day off: