Holly Scheer
Holly Scheer
Holly Scheer
Holly Scheer is a writer and editor, and a senior contributor to The Federalist. She’s fascinated by politics, culture and theology. Follow her on Twitter @HScheer1580.
New Expose Outs Another Pedophile Among France’s Literary Elite

Vanessa Springora’s spotlight on the crimes of Gabriel Matzneff shows it’s past time for France to stop excusing evil because of the perpetrator’s status.

From Dip Nails To Smokey Eyes, Here Are The 9 Best Beauty Trends Of The Decade

This decade has changed how we do beauty. The best trends in makeup and beauty are worth celebrating and remembering.

Why The EU’s Pricey Green Deal Will Hurt Workers And The Elderly, While Helping Nobody

The EU won’t be able to lead by example if other countries can see what the Green Deal is actually headed toward: economic ruin, job loss, and more unwanted government intrusion.

How Parents Can Protect Kids From Porn Without Moving To A Secluded Mountain

Access to porn is everywhere, and that’s terrifying to parents. But being proactive with your children can open lines of communication and help protect kids from the Internet’s snares.

33-Plus Last-Minute Additions To Your Thanksgiving Menu

Even if you completely adore your normal Thanksgiving menu, take a moment to give these newcomers a chance. You might find a keeper.

New York Requires Religious Schools, Churches, Hospitals To Hire Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBT Employees

Places of worship must be able to make their own determinations on who to hire and why. New laws in New York are wrong and must be overturned.

How To Have A Good Talk With Your Husband About Splitting Parenting Chores

Children benefit so much from the inherent differences in how mothers and fathers approach situations. Sitting down and working through how to meet everyone’s needs will help the whole family.

Christians Used To Do Halloween Better Than Pagans

The honest weight of historical records rests with these being Christian traditions, and not even from Celtic areas. These are not derivatives from Samhain and never have been.

These Health Violations At Illinois Abortion Facilities Will Make You Sick

What if the reality is that abortion facilities operating right now, in full legality, are being consistently cited for health code violations for things that can endanger the lives of women?

Help Your Teens Clean Up Social Media Before Cancel Culture Comes For Them

We need to teach our young people the skill of careful online hygiene, just like all the other cleanliness habits we teach them.

Pastor Jarrid Wilson’s Death Helps Us Learn How To Find Hope After Suicide

For too long, suicide has been in the dark, whispered about, handled with shame. But death, for the Christian, is not the end of all things. In Christ, there is hope.

Ravelry’s Ban On Conservative Yarn Hobbyists Presaged Site Owner Coming Out Trans

A few months ago, Ravelry banned all conservative and Donald Trump activity on the hugely popular yarn arts site. That led to waves of social media mobs and a Ravelry co-owner announcing to the world that he’s transgender.

A Culture Of Life Requires Better Care For Mothers With Pregnancy Complications

Parents often don’t know which hospitals will provide them care during pregnancy complications until it’s too late. We need hospital transparency to protect babies and mothers.

Top 10 Responses When Strangers Pregnancy-Shame You

If you’ve had this happen to you, whether it’s baby No. 1 or baby No. 10, and wondered how to handle the comments with a little more grace and humor, wonder no more.

Pinterest And Twitter Are Trying To Censor Live Action, A Pro-Life Group

If tech giants want to block pro-life content, they need to be prepared to also accept legal liability for the various words and images uploaded.

Pro-Life Campaign Marshals Diapers, Money To Help Babies Trafficked Across U.S. Border

Bottles2theBorder has united more than 50 pro-life groups, showing that pro-life people sincerely care about people from conception through the rest of their lives.

A British Judge Tried To Force A Disabled Woman To Abort Her Child Against Her Will

In this dystopian scenario, the state initially decided it knows better than an intellectually disabled adult woman and her caretaker.

How To Talk To Your Kids About Their Rights If They’re Ever Stopped By The Police

Here’s how to talk to your children about their rights, how to show respect to the police, and the hard truth that officers sometimes abuse their power.

Interviewer Exposes False Data In Naomi Wolf’s Book About Homosexual Executions

Naomi Wolf’s lack of understanding and subsequent inaccurate portrayal of history has broad ramifications for how we regard academic works and new views on history.

7 Provocative, Substantive Theology Podcasts You Need To Check Out

With limited time, it’s hard to know what’s worth listening to and what’s worth avoiding. This list should demystify some of that and give you some fresh ideas.