Holly Scheer
Holly Scheer
Holly Scheer
Holly Scheer is a writer and editor. She’s fascinated by politics, culture and theology. Follow her on Twitter @HScheer1580.
Tennessee Governor Pardons Cyntoia Brown, Who Killed Allegedly Threatening John

Cyntoia Brown been in prison for 15 years. When she is released on August 7, she will have spent nearly as much time in prison as she has spent outside of it.

God Raped Mary, And Other Insane Reactions To Christmas This Year

What better way to bring 2018 to a close than by watching people mock, deliberately misinterpret, or demonstrate that they’re just plain ignorant about religion?

Lessons For Everyone From Mommy Blogger Katie Bower Tracking Her Kids’ Social Media Likes

Katie Bower recently used her social media platform to lament that one of her five children gets fewer ‘likes’ than the others.

Restoring Voting Rights To Former Felons Will Help Them Reintegrate Into Society

How else can we fully integrate felons who have served their time back into our society? We can do better than just giving them the right to vote.

The Left Just Can’t Let Catholic Nuns Decline To Pay For Birth Control

It’s asinine to attempt to force this group of nuns to alter how they’re organized in order to unnecessarily provide birth control coverage.

What ‘Gosnell’ Media Censors Don’t Want You To See Is A True-Crime Drama About Abortion

This film isn’t only a movie to see if you’re ardently pro-life. This is a movie for anyone interested in crime, in justice, in health care, and in reform.

Anita Hill’s Allegations And The Kavanaugh Circus Both Hype Unsubstantiated Smears

Anita Hill’s accusations against Clarence Thomas during his Supreme Court confirmation in many ways parallel those against Brett Kavanaugh.

7 Things For Parents And Church Members To Know About Protecting Kids From Abusers

The wrongs of the past can’t be retroactively undone, of course, but houses of worship can implement realistic policies to help keep more kids safe in the future.

Planned Parenthood Has A New Face, But It’s Still Basically An Abortion Giant

For all their talk and publicity campaigns centered around the idea of healthcare, Planned Parenthood performs a very narrow and select range of services.

This Quick And Easy Meal Plan Will Cover Your Dinners For Back To School Week

Kids and adults rush into the kitchen at the end of the day, famished and ready to eat, all asking at once the dreaded question, ‘What’s for supper?’ Here’s your answer.

The InfoWars Bans Aren’t About Alex Jones, They’re About Big Tech’s Control Over What We See

This is about what it means for our society if a few tech companies should be able to decide for everyone what information is available, and what is over the line.

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Relative On Librarians’ Dismissal Of Her Work: ‘Trying To Rewrite’ History

Brian Miller’s great-grandmother was sisters with Laura’s mother, and Miller met Laura as a child. Wilder’s demotion by the top library association ‘felt like a knife in the back,’ he says.

Scrubbing Laura Ingalls Wilder Is A Dangerous Step Toward Ignorance

Pretending things that make us uncomfortable never happened isn’t going to make America better, or make American children more informed.

A Survivor Offers 5 Helpful Things To Do When Suicide Hurts You

Here’s how I’ve learned to take care of myself and my family in the years since losing a loved one to suicide.

Why President Trump Should Listen To Kim Kardashian About America’s Draconian Drug Punishments

Alice Marie Johnson is one of 3,278 people serving a life sentence without parole despite their offense being nonviolent.

66 Percent Of Irish Voters Legalized Abortion. Here’s What’s Next For Ireland

Ireland’s vote leaves many across the country and the world wondering what comes next, and what this means on a practical level for the Irish people.

Producers Edit ‘Show Dogs’ After Outcry Over Private Parts Touching Subplot

Our kids deserve better than this, and Hollywood needs to be firmly told that enough is enough, and we’re tired of this garbage.

Watch Distraught Mom Flag Off-Duty Police Officer, Who Saves Her Baby’s Life

Officer Jeremie Nix was off work at the end of his shift when he came upon a scene that would terrify any parent. His quick thinking saved little Kingston’s life.

Parents Fight With U.K. Hospital To Feed, Give Oxygen To, And Diagnose Their Sick Toddler

His parents have the choice of either holding Alfie Evans or letting him lay in a crib as a medical team watches but refuses to provide care. These actions will lead to Alfie’s death.

Burying Miscarried And Stillborn Babies Is A Policy Of Love, Not Offense

Instead of discarding babies’ remains, this hospital offers parents the choice of a group grave financially covered by the hospital or a private burial at the parents’ expense.