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13 Things We Saw At The March For Life In Washington DC


Hundreds of thousands of people flocked to Washington DC for the 44th annual March for Life on Friday. We went to check it out. Here are some of the things we saw.

1. Lots of People


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2. Vice President Mike Pence

Pence was the first vice president to attend the annual March for Life. You can watch his remarks in full in the video below.

3. Rep. Mia Love (R-Utah)

Love delivered a powerful speech that brought many to tears.

4. Kids

5. Nuns

6. Priests

7. Trump Supporters

Jane Lindman (pictured at right in the yellow coat) of Oakton, Virginia said she voted for Donald Trump in part because of his “tremendous testimony” for life.

“He used to be pro-choice and now is pro life,” she said.

8. Canadians

9. Clever Signs

Christine Caprio (pictured on the left) of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania said she braved the cold with five of her sisters to “stand up for the babies.”

“I do believe in the rights of women,” she said. “Unborn women have rights too.”

10. This Guy

Jordan Hess explained that while his sign was mostly a joke, he is in fact single and would very much like to marry a woman who shares his views on life.

“Every human has the right to grow up to their potential,” Hess said.

11. Former Abortion Clinic Employees

Shelley Guillory (pictured left) of Lafayette, Louisiana, said she had always considered herself pro-life, but worked as a nurse at an abortion clinic for three years for financial reasons. She left four years ago after a representative from And Then There Were None handed her a card and helped her find alternate employment.

Annette Lancaster (pictured right) worked as a manager of Planned Parenthood in Chapel Hill, North Carolina before leaving last May. She explained that after she saw a fetus moving, she realized that it was a child.

“Instead of being an abortionist, I’m now an abolitionist,” she said.

12. Bikers

13. Kellyanne Conway