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Trans Activists Attack Feminists For Displaying ‘Genital-Based Womanhood’


Editor’s Note: This article contains graphic terms, images, and subject matter.


Pop some popcorn, because some bitches and fake bitches are having a catfight about pu–ies.

Left Twitter is saying white, college-educated feminists in specific, and reams of American women in general, are white supremacists. Why? For connecting vaginas and women. You might say women and vaginas are inherently and inseparably connected, but stop being so transphobic before someone commits suicide.

Check out these reactions to the Women’s March on DC this past weekend, which featured “pussy hats,” giant sculptures and pictures of vaginas, and other things appropriate for public displays in front of children and fellow citizens just visiting public property. How disgusting, just assuming that #YesAllWomen have vaginas.

Snowflake millennial site vented similar complaints from the “transgender community” after the Women’s March, which was billed as a pro-choice feminist event. “Signs like ‘Pussy power,’ ‘Viva la Vulva’ and ‘Pussy grabs back’ all sent a clear and oppressive message to trans women, especially: having a vagina is essential to womanhood.” With friends like these among the lefty in-group, who needs enemies?

If you’re not keen on seeing giant depictions of vaginas and other private female organs paraded about our nation’s capital, you might just be a typical American. Or you might be an American who is so woke you’re going to attack members of your own political tribe for not denying reality hard enough. Meanwhile, the rest of America starts to clue in on the fact that your political program might not jive with the priorities of people who have to work for a living.

“I think it ended up being a white cis women march,” Lilian McDaniel, a trans person whose biological sex is male, told “There were other marginalized communities there, but it didn’t seem like they were the focus.” McDaniel ultimately decided to stay home from the march over these disagreements.

The clash of feminism and transgenderism manifested in other ways during and after the march:

…the Women’s March on Washington’s organizers revised a line [trans person Janet] Mock had contributed to the march’s platform on sex workers. Whereas Mock had written that the march would be ‘in solidarity with the sex workers’ rights movement,’ organizers changed the language to refer to sex workers as ‘those exploited for labor and sex.’

Oh no they di-int!

Also in D.C., Raquel Willis, a communications associate at the Transgender Law Center, alleged that her microphone was cut off during her speech at the march, just as she mentioned trans activists Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson.

‘Still silencing trans women,’ she wrote on Twitter. ‘I see you and so does everyone else.’

Ladies—is that too gendered a word?—if this is how it works, intersectionalism is in serious trouble well before anyone who hasn’t gotten taxpayers to fund zer womyn’s studies degree knows what the heck it is.

For those readers, I’ll summarize: intersectionalism is the theory that all identity splinter groups need to band together to expand government power to enforce their views on the political enemy, which is everyone besides them (i.e, white people, heterosexual people, and men), so that feminists support trans groups support illegal immigration activism support abortionists, and endlessly on. This is a really appealing pitch to white, male, and heterosexual people, right? Also, you know that these groups of people comprise the majority of Americans, no matter how you slice it? Now tell me again about how you love democracy. Oh, right, you don’t, really, which is why you’re so totalitarian.

Lost in these navel-gazing battles are equal rights for all applied equally, because instead of one big happy family intersectionalism is a giant tug-of-war. Maybe putting a bunch of power-hungry people together and telling them to duke it out over status isn’t such a good idea after all.

Can it get crazier? Depends on your scale. After the march, trans activists went nuclear on “TERFs,” a pejorative term for “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist,” which means feminists who think women are women, e.g., acknowledge the biological reality that no amount of surface surgery can change the XY chromosomes imprinted on every single cell of a man’s body, and which nobody or nothing but nature “assigns him at birth.” Trans activists hate TERFs, who prefer the term RadFems.

The two positions are fundamentally irreconcilable, which means I hate to break it to you, trendy progressives, but intersectionalism is stillborn. Maybe try again to find another unifying principle without resorting to the classic “equal rights for all under the law,” which you hate because it requires you to actually come up with ideas people consent to live under rather than stoking their rage to maintain your political power while their intellect is disengaged. While you wander around in that wilderness incessantly, I and most Americans will be over here, kickin’ it for equal rights for all God’s children, period.

So now the Left says it’s okay to call people Nazis who are willing to acknowledge scientific reality about human biology, and to call people “white supremacists” for the crime of being born white. Again, what a winning political proposition! Take a bow!

These people are at war with nature, with reality, with being itself. But lots of women and men are not at war with our bodies. Lots of us are proud of our bodies—what they look like and can do. When more people discover that the trans movement wants to demean people for the bodies we were born with under the guise of “acceptance for trans people,” lots of people aren’t going to like that. We’re going to feel shamed and targeted for merely being ourselves.

Funny thing about that: it’s delegitimizing human equality with special privileges for some that provoked the major equality movements of the last century, meaning women’s and African-American civil rights. Trans activists are in the awkward and insane position of having to defend “separate and unequal” against the equality of human dignity that transcends identity-politics boxes to focus on our common humanity.