Krystina Skurk
Krystina Skurk
Krystina Skurk
Krystina Skurk is a research assistant at Hillsdale College in D.C. She received a Master's degree in politics from the Van Andel School of Statesmanship at Hillsdale College. She is a former fellow of the John Jay Institute, a graduate of Regent University, and a former teacher at Archway Cicero, a Great Hearts charter school.
As America-Hating Spreads, Slanted 1619 Project Meets Competition From Black Academics

America was founded in 1776 on the idea that ‘all men are created equal,’ the principle that led to slavery abolition and created the freest nation on Earth.

Senate Democrats Insist Babies Born Alive After Abortions Should Be Left To Die

Why should one baby down the hall be given care while another is left to die? Sen. Joni Ernst asked the Senate Judiciary Committee. Not one Democrat in the room could answer the question.

To Fight The 1619 Project’s Lies, Take This Free U.S. History Class

Although fact-checking the 1619 Project and offering academic criticism is important, it is not the most effective strategy for winning the hearts and minds of Americans.

Debunking Left-Wing Historian Howard Zinn Is Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel

Mary Grabar’s book, ‘Debunking Howard Zinn,’ takes aim at the celebrated historian who is as influential as he is ideological and dishonest.

Impeachment Protestors Call For ‘Nonviolent Revolution’ To End U.S. ‘Fascism’

A lot of the people who have gathered day in and day out to protest against the Trump administration don’t just hate Donald Trump, they hate America.

When They Can’t Win By The Rules, Impeachment Activists Get In Senators’ Faces

As long as Trump remains president, activists will continue to disrupt normal political processes, swarming buildings and storming hearings, claiming the system is corrupt, that there is a cover-up, and that the other side is cheating.

March For Life Antagonists Reveal The Reason Abortion Will Continue To Divide America

The contrast between the two groups could not be more stark. While one group mourned the 60 million babies who have been aborted, the other sang and danced.

Why The March For Life Represents MLK’s Legacy Better Than The Women’s March Does

Martin Luther King Jr. was a religious man who strongly believed in natural law. It is far more likely that he would have lent his influence to the March for Life than to the Women’s March.

2020 Women’s March Peters Out After Women Discover Trump’s Not Destroying Their Lives

Maybe the Women’s March is losing support because it has become more about a man than it is about women.

Don’t Blame Climate Change For Raging Wildfires, Blame Bad Management

Despite common sense, the historic record, and scientific evidence, leftist environmentalists would fight and protest for a utopia we will never see, all while the world burns.

The Inside Story Of How America’s Intelligence Agencies Tried To Undo Trump’s Election

Journalist Lee Smith’s new book, ‘The Plot Against the President,’ reads like a spy thriller, but it’s really a warning about how Trump-era abuses by intelligence agencies threaten to undermine American self-government.

Despite His Lefty Politics, This Vanity Fair Writer Thinks The Right Has A Point About Spygate

Vanity Fair writer T.A. Frank’s big achievement is striking a sensible middle ground in a time where such territory has often been abandoned by both left and right.

Andrew McCarthy Unravels The Real Russia Collusion Narrative

Former Assistant United States Attorney Andy McCarthy’s new book, ‘Ball of Collusion,’ is a clearheaded look at how the Clinton campaign and Obama administration weaponized a counterintelligence investigation for political gain.

Why Beto O’ Rourke’s Embrace Of The 1619 Project Is Dangerous

The 1619 Project is dangerous enough as an intellectual exercise, but that danger increases exponentially once put in the hands of a radical politician who could one day be president.

Victor Davis Hanson Examines The Triumph And The Tragedy of Donald Trump

In ‘The Case For Trump,’ scholar Victor Davis Hanson makes the case that Donald Trump’s presidency has been more effective than anyone wants to admit, and as such he will go down as a tragic hero.

Jerry Nadler Is Lying About Robert Mueller’s Claim He Would Have Indicted Trump

Democrats are hanging on the words of the House Judiciary chairman, as Robert Mueller’s real testimony dashed their final hopes of a President Trump indictment.

Credulous Liberals Vainly Hope For Mueller To Resurrect Steele Dossier

Robert Mueller’s silence about the Christopher Steele dossier does not change the fact that the basis of the Russia investigation was flawed from the start.

Fixing Higher Education Starts With More Teaching And Less Research

Professor Richard Vedder’s book, ‘Restoring the Promise: Higher Education in America,’ offers some valuable critiques of the failures of higher education, although the book’s perspective is at times narrow.

How Misguided Environmentalism Is To Blame For California’s Wildfires

The saddest part about these fires in California is that they are self inflicted. Californians should not allow such mismanagement to continue.