Krystina Skurk
Krystina Skurk
Krystina Skurk

Krystina Skurk is a research assistant at Hillsdale College in D.C. She received a Master’s degree in politics from the Van Andel School of Statesmanship at Hillsdale College. She is a former fellow of the John Jay Institute, a graduate of Regent University, and a former teacher at Archway Cicero, a Great Hearts charter school.

‘Lincoln And The American Founding’ Rebukes Those Who Call The Founders Racists

Lucas Morel’s ‘Lincoln and the American Founding’ is a timely reminder of how our constitutional governance is incompatible with slavery and a rebuke to those who say our founding ideals are irredeemably racist.

As D.C. Mayor Seeks To Remove Statues, Hillsdale College Puts Up More

This is a time when we need more honor and respect for America’s Founding, not less. Hillsdale College’s Liberty Walk reminds us of just that.

House Democrats Propose A Racism Czar To Control National Memorials

Section 754 of a bill presented by House Democrats proposes to regulate names on federal property based on ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion,’ which really means discriminating by race and ethnicity.

When Chivalry Dies, Women Suffer

These instances are proof that if a woman or girl’s suffering does not fit into the left’s narrative, it is ignored. They are a small sample of the way the left treats women.

This Book Will Help You Make Sense Of The Trump-Russia ‘Witch Hunt’

Gregg Jarrett’s book, ‘Witch Hunt,’ does a fine job chronicling the dishonesty and corruption behind America’s intel agencies’ failed attempt to take down President Trump.

8 More Big Takedowns Of The 1619 Project For Its One-Year Anniversary

It is our job to keep this republic. If it fails for lack of effort, we will have ourselves to blame as much as those leftists actively trying to tear it down with the 1619 Project.

8 Big Takedowns Of The 1619 Project For Its One-Year Anniversary

The Times’ supposition that America was racist at its core follows radical abolitionists rather than thinkers like Frederick Douglass who claimed the Constitution is an anti-slavery document.

4 French Revolution Trends That Have Started In The United States

The bloody and terrible French Revolution featured attacks on religion, rewriting history, toppling statues, and abandoning tradition. Sound familiar?

How Michael Flynn Got Caught In The Crossfire Between Two Obama Agencies Looking To Get Trump

Michael Flynn’s life was upended because one cadre of elites couldn’t let go of power, and the other had to justify spending $25 million of taxpayer money after realizing its investigation was a sham.

Oprah Joins Plot To Convince Americans Their Country Is Racist

This effort to extend the 1619 reeducation program into popular culture is particularly dangerous because stories have the power to change minds through emotion instead of reason.

‘Hamilton’ Is The Perfect Answer To The 1619 Project’s Attempt To Erase America

The hit Broadway musical ‘Hamilton’ is patriotic and aspirational. Without hiding our national sins, ‘Hamilton’ upholds 1776 over 1619 as our true founding.

California Schools Named After Washington And Jefferson Hit Renaming Buzzsaw

Berkeley school board member Ka’Dijah Brown said renaming the schools is only a small step in the district’s work to address systemic racism.

6 Ways The Obama Administration Railroaded The Rule Of Law To Destroy Michael Flynn

The fact that the Obama administration targeted Flynn isn’t just a crime against him, but a crime against our constitutional system.

New York Times Wins Another Pulitzer For Falsifying History

The 1619 Project’s flagship essay has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize, despite the fact that it underwent a major correction and has been criticized as revisionist history by leading historians.

5 Ways Hulu’s Hillary Clinton Documentary Comes Up Short

Even after 35 hours of interviews, 2,000 hours of behind-the-scene footage, and copious amounts of vintage B-roll, Nanette Burstein’s documentary doesn’t tell viewers anything new about Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Charlotte, NC Uses Social Distancing Rules To Crack Down On Pro-Lifers

On April 4, eight people were arrested by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department for sidewalk counseling and praying in front of an abortion facility.

As America-Hating Spreads, Slanted 1619 Project Meets Competition From Black Academics

America was founded in 1776 on the idea that ‘all men are created equal,’ the principle that led to slavery abolition and created the freest nation on Earth.

Senate Democrats Insist Babies Born Alive After Abortions Should Be Left To Die

Why should one baby down the hall be given care while another is left to die? Sen. Joni Ernst asked the Senate Judiciary Committee. Not one Democrat in the room could answer the question.

To Fight The 1619 Project’s Lies, Take This Free U.S. History Class

Although fact-checking the 1619 Project and offering academic criticism is important, it is not the most effective strategy for winning the hearts and minds of Americans.

Debunking Left-Wing Historian Howard Zinn Is Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel

Mary Grabar’s book, ‘Debunking Howard Zinn,’ takes aim at the celebrated historian who is as influential as he is ideological and dishonest.