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Sending Menstrual Blood To Mike Pence Is A Stupid Protest That Hurts Women


It’s beyond me why the Left fears that a man who very obviously loves lots of sex with lots of women wants to ban the birth control that makes such profligate seed-sowing possible by neutering it. Nonetheless, NPR and other Left outlets are reporting that as many as six panicked women have hurriedly scheduled IUD implantations and Google searches about birth control are soaring now that Donald Trump will be president.

NPR goes on to explain that overturning Obamacare, which Trump has promised, would require more women to once again pay for their own birth control. Would that ban contraception? No. It would return us to the horrors of the pre-2010 era, when birth control was…not only legal, but plentiful and even widely taxpayer-subsidized.

Repealing federal mandates for insurance companies to make everyone pay for the birth control that only some women avail themselves of would simply tell women that their reproductive choices are their responsibility, not mine. Yet since these women — and outlets — apparently can’t tell the difference between “nobody can buy this” and “you can buy this if you want,” they’re making a run on spermkillers.

The crazy doesn’t end there. Rachel Zarrell of MTV News (previously of BuzzFeed, natch) has yucky news for Trump’s vice president, Mike Pence.


As someone who has to deal with menstrual blood and finds it about as appealing as changing my babies’ diapers, I am somewhat tempted to just encourage Zarrell in her new campaign. Once you get past the huge yuck factor, it’s kind of hilarious to imagine Zarrell painstakingly collecting the discarded lining of her uterus and packaging it oh-so-carefully, with a vindictive, self-satisfied smile. But then I get sad again to imagine the poor SOB White House mailworker having to open and discard it.

I mean, as anyone who can Google knows, the vice president doesn’t open his own mail. It’s all screened. So the only people Zarrell’s crazy little protest are going to hurt are her and the blue-collar mail workers who will be more motivated to vote Trump and Pence back into office in four years. There’s that 2016 schadenfreude again, where social justice warriors who hate Donald Trump compulsively do things that increase his popularity.

Unfortunately, however, this gets worse, and decidedly unfunny. As wild as it may seem, mentruation-based protests are actually a thing for people besides Zarrell. When Pence as governor of Indiana signed a law that required humane disposals of human remains after abortions or miscarriages, the Twitter account @PeriodsforPence began tweeting its owner’s conversations with staffers in the governor’s office and other icky, juvenile comments. Other Twitter users joined in.

The @PeriodsforPence crank preposterously contended the law would somehow have police digging through tampon refuse to see if the blood flow was actually from a miscarriage instead of a period. (Anyone with any knowledge of police work would immediately know this is folly. Local police can hardly keep up with fallout from the sexual revolution’s broken families. They’re not digging in menstrual waste.) So she sarcastically began calling the governor’s office to report on her periods. Her Facebook page shared transcripts.

Them: “Good Morning, Governor Pence’s office”
Me: “Good Morning. I just wanted to inform the Governor that things seem to be drying up today. No babies seem to be up in there. Okay?”
Them: (Sounding strangely horrified and chipper at the same time) “Ma’am, can we have your name?”
Me: “Sure. It’s Sue.”
Them: “And your last name?”
Me: “Magina. That’s M-A-G-I-N-A. It rhymes with — ”
Them: “I’ve got it.”

Way to represent women! You put the “excuse my bitching” in “I’m on my period.” All the other ladies trying to keep up the class and reduce the stereotypes on behalf of ourselves and our sex really appreciate your efforts to promote women’s dignity. Zarrell picked up on Pence’s policy in her recent freakout, too:


Let’s be clear here. The law Pence signed required medical facilities, not women at home, to dispense of human remains they are aware of in a dignified way, rather than just chucking them out with the trash or tipping them into the sewer. Yes, both of these have happened, as have instances where hospitals refused to release to parents their miscarried child’s remains for a funeral.

As any woman who has grieved over a miscarriage, or has grieved with a friend over her miscarriage, can tell you, treating their unborn children like waste products can be deeply hurtful. This law gives them the right to process their grief through a funeral service or other formal ceremony. Since humans have existed we have reached closure over a loved one’s death through ceremonial handling of their bodies. It is a deep and long-standing human need that should not be denied people whose dead loved ones happen to be very small. Families who do not choose this can let the hospital handle their small child’s remains as such rather than waste. It’s a very small thing to ask on behalf of suffering people.

These protesters are painting a false equivalence between unknown, very early miscarriages that women often mistake for periods, which Pence’s law has nothing to do with, and a known miscarriage that a woman is recuperating from inside a medical facility. So their protest is not only ignorant, it’s also shockingly rude to fellow women who are suffering, often deeply. Please, ladies. Develop some empathy for people in tragic circumstances. Your ignorance is making women not only look bad, but hurting us, too.